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💪My “Done-With-You” Funnel Building Service will teach you how to build your funnel without frustration. I'll help you to overcome your challenges and I always over-deliver!

Are you trying to build your own million dollar funnel, but keep getting stuck?

I understand your frustration! The OFA Challenge is AWESOME, but it's like drinking water from a firehose! The course passes you by like a freight train and you're left feeling frustrated.😵

Well, not any more. 

I solve all the challenging tech hurdles while I teach you:

  1. SMTP setup and integration
  2. Domain install and connection
  3. Payment gateways setup and configuration
  4. Marketing pixels installation
  5. Optin configuration
  6. Simplification of the funnel building process
  7. Peace of mind that everything works as desired
  8. and more...😎

When you say YES, you're Also Getting... 

  1. My personal coaching
  2. Access to my personal phone number
  3. Friendly, caring and personalized counseling and coaching

Just purchase my gig here and let's get started!



Don is 10 stars! If you are tired of struggling with the tech stuff.. STOP! Give Don a call NOW! He is amazing and empowers you to be self sufficient! 10 stars Don! You are who I have been praying for.. Literally!


On 29 Oct 2023

Talk about overdelivering! As Don was helping us a feeling of overwhelm came over me. Don sensed it and quickly put my fears to rest as he patiently walked through my funnel and funnel hub with me. I highly recommend Don because he cares and he is very knowledgeable about CF and marketing. I have been trying to piece together CF for a while. Don shed some light on the reality of the funnels, their power, and how to create and use them appropriately. I will no doubt continue to work with Don. When I asked God for some help, Don's profile popped up. :). Never give up, give Don a call.


On 02 Aug 2023

Excellent knowledge and really nice to work with thank you Don:)


On 29 May 2023

Midas touch! You betcha! Can't recommend his work enough. I'm a techie challenged retired guy and Don got me up to speed very quickly . Yet another great job.


On 06 Apr 2023

Don is an absolute professional. I knew from the moment i started to talk with him that he knew his stuff. I will be getting more funnel training with Don because of his in-depth knowledge, but how he also imparts it, he is very patient and gave me many valuable tips on what are the best converting funnels and why, and much more. Honestly I'm so pleased that i have come here I cannot thank you enough as I can see a clear vision as to what to do next. Thanks Don :) Judy M


On 30 Jul 2022



2 Days Delivery

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No refunds necessary. I will definitely impress you with my abilities to help you achieve your goals and easily learn funnel building.

Don Bassler


Member since October 2018