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The Future of Lead Generation has Arrived!

Are you an entrepreneur looking for new ways to attract higher quality, higher converting leads for your business in 2021?

"In 2021, the most effective and powerful marketing strategy will be scorecard marketing."

This new hyper-targeted approach to marketing allows you to generate warm leads and tailored personalised communications like never before.

A scorecard is an online lead generation tool for businesses. It allows you to understand every prospect as an individual, and then follow up with personalised messaging. With a scorecard your business becomes more friendly and on-point in the eyes of your customers, and you can build a trusted relationship a lot faster with leads.

Create a unique set of questions for your scorecard, then respondents will answer in the form of “yes” or “no” to each. The system then gives them an overall score as well as customised dynamic insights about their situation.

Scorecards are particularly useful for turning social media followers and website visitors into new clients.

Never waste time delivering generic content again!


Entrepreneurs who provide professional services, have time-for-money businesses or businesses that require you to get to know your customer before you can help them. It is also very effective if you already have success driving traffic to a funnel with Facebook advertising and use webinars in your offering.

Philip Calvert is an acclaimed international marketing speaker specialising in lead generation for professional services businesses. He is the author of nineteen books, and this ninety minute Zoom consultation explains in detail how to use scorecard marketing in your business - including a live demonstration of it in action.


  • A ninety minute in-depth strategy call to teach you:
  • The amazing benefits of scorecard marketing
  • What scorecard marketing is (and what it isn't)
  • Discover if scorecard marketing is right for your business
  • Explain the different approaches to using scorecard marketing (with practical examples)
  • Highlight how to get started with scorecard marketing


Why is scorecard marketing so incredibly powerful at generating fresh leads?

"At the end of a recent webinar I was running for a client, I briefly mentioned my scorecard. Twelve minutes after the webinar ended I had 97 email addresses in my inbox, plus several upsells from the free gift that I give away for taking the scorecard. Two hours later I had 221 email addresses, meaning I could pick and choose the clients I wanted to work with."


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