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Lead Generation Specialist


Feel Free To Contact Me With Questions! I'd love to hear about your business :)

Bold, entrepreneurial, and experimentative Demand Generation Specialist with comprehensive experience shaping the marketing landscape and harnessing creative vision while building brands through digital marketing campaigns. Possesses a successful track record of success in the SaaS, construction and beauty space. Artfully translates complex technical concepts into clear communications while conceiving holistic/strategic plans and bringing them to fruition. Excels in fostering positive professional relationships through impeccable communications skills with a wide variety of stakeholders, colleagues, and senior leaders. Adeptly balances multiple priorities within strict deadlines while consistently maintaining the highest level of integrity and professionalism within a remote environment. Bilingual in English and Persian.

☞Looking to run your first B2B or B2C Facebook/Instagram Campaign?

☞Are you losing a bunch of money in the process?

☞Are you not getting enough leads, leads are expensive or they are just junk, low-quality leads?

☞Is everything working but just not sure how to scale?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it is clear you need a new Strategy.

During the past few years I've profitably managed B2B, B2C and Investor Relationship campaigns up to 100K/month. Today I am here to help you in your marketing efforts via Zoom consultation

What will happen during the call?

1. We will spend a few minutes reviewing your buyer's journey, pain points, and unique selling propositions

3. I will advise on the best FB/IG marketing strategy

4. We then begin to implement the strategy together on the call


Please read also the FAQ below.

Some of my recent experiences:

Work Experience

Demand Generation Specialist

SaaS - Vancouver, BC

November 2020 to Present


Direct, oversee, and provide strategic guidance advertising campaigns averaging $30K monthly to C-level suite executives (e.g. Spotify), and military/defense and government agencies.

Develop and implement innovative marketing strategies and plans to present to potential investors.

Media Buyer

SaaS - Vancouver, BC

March 2012 to Present


Manage over $680K in advertising across numerous platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Tiktok, Twitter and Linkedin.

Generate over 50K calls and develop over 84K leads securing over $2M from advertising campaigns.

Design over 20 sales funnels increasing opt-in landing pages by 20%; secure an open email sequence rate of 80%.

Selected Projects and Snapshot of Results

Shirani Beauty - grew new luxury brand from 0 to 2 employees generating a high 6-figure income with increased demand and solid bookings.

Krav Maga Vancouver Gym - increased annual membership from 3 to 30 within 2 months.

Omni Center - expanded revenue by $400K within in 12 months during evolving and ambiguous economic times due to the pandemic.

Marketing Director

Key Design & Construction, Inc - Brooklyn, NY

January 2020 to December 2020

Virtual Office, Vancouver, Canada

Selected Projects and Snapshot of Results

Improved online reviews by 2300% in a 2 week time period.

Generated commercial leads increasing revenue by $1.2M.

Renegotiated a 10% higher revenue split with IKEA.

Optimized workflow processes saving over 20+ working hours per week.

Demand Gen Specialist

VaroWP - Toronto, ON

June 2020 to October 2020

Virtual Office, Vancouver, Canada

Propelled new brand from non-existent presence to securing 20+ monthly demo-sales calls while generating full-time work for sales personnel.

Marketing Director

Knockout Renovation - Manhattan, NY

December 2018 to December 2019

Virtual Office, Vancouver, Canada

Grew project revenue from $30K to $100K, a $70K increase.

Media Buyer

Cabinet Painting Vancouver - Vancouver, BC

March 2019 to April 2019

Vancouver, Canada Virtual Office, Vancouver, Canada

Instituted measures to consistently secure 5+ monthly projects, an increase from projects previously ranging from 0 to 2 per month.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions:

1) What do you get?

Each gig offers an hour of consulting with me.

We go over things like:

Ad Copy


Optimizing Ads

2) How soon can you book a Zoom with me?

I'll give you a link to my calendar but if you have urgent campaign needs happy to accommodate

3)Any requirements before getting started?

Honestly, I've consulted from startup ideas all the way to large public companies that need MQLs. So don't worry if all you know about Facebook or technology is that it exists.



Arvin was terrific. Highly recommended.


On 08 Nov 2021

Arvin has been great to work with! Able to communicate easily and his experience shows in his work!


On 26 Jul 2021

He's a great seller! You rarely find a seller who is worth the money but this one actually is! I will definitely be using his services again!


On 26 Jul 2021

What I received from this seller is an absolute bomb! I was blown away when I received delivery of this order. Would highly recommend.


On 22 Jul 2021



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