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Google Ads for Beginners - Done With You Coaching Session (Finish Call with a Complete Campaign




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Google Ads for Beginners - Done with you.

If you are new to Google ads or need an update, I will provide a hands-on coaching session where I will walk you through the process of creating an ad campaign. We will use Zoom so I can see your screen and walk you through it. When the training is finished, you will have used your own computer to complete an ad campaign with three ads that will be ready to turn on. Plus, you will have the confidence and knowledge to do it yourself again and again.

Who is this offer for?

This offer is for you if you are a business owner new to Google ads and you want someone to hold your hand to create your first campaign.

In this training you will receive:

How to set up your Google Ads account

How to set up the Google Ad Tag and install on your website

How to create Google Search Ads

How to create Google Display ads

How to create custom audiences

Personal walkthrough of creating an ad campaign, ad set, and ads

How to optimize your ads once they are running

My suggestions for your advertising strategy

Answering any questions you may have

Confidence to create your next campaign

The recording of our 1-2 hour training session

If you are experienced and only need a refresher course I will find out what you know and help you fill in the gaps.


By the time we are done, you will have a working campaign and more confidence in yourself to do it again.

What experience do I have?

I have been building Google Ad campaigns for the last 9 years for clients in many different industries (ecommerce, summer camps, digital courses, home repair, etc.). I understand the process to make Google Ads easy to understand for beginners. I will walk you through it on your computer.

What's needed to start?

You will need a Google Ad account, a product or service, knowledge of your target market, Zoom access, and an hour of your undivided attention.

I think every business owner should have a good understanding of Google Ads and I am here to help.

Let's build your first campaign together!



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