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Funnel Strategy

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The success of a funnel begins long before you ever open the ClickFunnels editor.

Have you ever felt stuck while building your funnel?

I've built funnels in just about every niche but focus on ecommerce and continuity programs that help increase average order value.

I've launched over 200 brands and know the formula for what makes a brand win online.

Recognized by ClickFunnels as one of the Top 30 Designers in the world!

Here is what we will cover in your business intensive:

What type of offer should you launch?

What type of funnel is best for YOUR goal?

What type of ads you should run?

Value Stacking to make your product irresistible.

Alternative Traffic Sources.

What upsells should your funnel have?

Competitor Ads Analysis

Business intensive will take place on a 2 hour Zoom call.

After the call my team and I will put together a report including your Value Ladder, Sales Funnel Blueprint and Competitor Analysis.



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