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Top Dropshipping expert responsible for multiple 6 figure income here

I'm not only going to help you build and launch your store effectively, but show you how to do it yourself and grow a brand with affordable budget.

Automated Shopify Dropshipping Store with all the fundamental instruments to effectively run & profit your store. 

Why Choose Me ?

✔ Professional Work

✔ My stores are popular worldwide

✔ On-time Delivery

✔ Over 5 years experience

✔ Beginner-friendly model

✔ 100% Customer Satisfaction

✔ Easy to understand - work at a pace that suits you

✔ A genuine person who wants to help you succeed!

Money-Back Services Include:

✔ Help you select a profitable niche suited to you

Professionally designed store made to convert with a premium theme ($250)

✔ Hand-vetted top selling products for your niche

✔ Trustworthy brand & logo creation

✔  Free Training to run a store

✔ Mobile, page speed & SEO optimized

✔  Domain + SSL

✔ A store built to CONVERT!

+ Aftersale Support



Google Analytics

Google Sitemap 

Facebook Pixel

Live Chat Setup

Free Traffic Guide

Is there a Shopify fee?

Yes but the first 3 months would be free, then its $29 per month from then on. It's usually 14 days trial but because of the COVID-19 you will get 3 months free and save $29*3. This is why you should get in now and save more.

Details about the service?

For this order, you will get:

18 Products top selling products on your store and 1 Month Support

Basic Design

Friendly Titles

Complete Store Setup

Policy Pages




recently engaged the services of Joyce Godfrey for assistance with my dropshipping store. Her gig promised an all-encompassing experience, claiming she would not only help build and launch the store effectively but also provide guidance on self-sufficiency and brand growth within a reasonable budget. Additionally, the package included 18 top-selling products on the store and a month of support. Unfortunately, my experience was anything but what was promised.

From the outset, it was evident that the level of commitment and professionalism did not align with the promises made. After eagerly anticipating the guidance I was assured, I found myself sorely disappointed. Not only did she fail to deliver on her promise to help build and launch the store effectively, but the supposed insights into growing a brand with an affordable budget were conspicuously absent.

One of the key selling points was the inclusion of 18 top-selling products on my store. To my astonishment, this was yet another promise that remained unfulfilled. As a client, I was left wondering if my expectations were misplaced or if there had been a severe misrepresentation of services.

To make matters worse, when I reached out to reschedule the appointments she initially promised for assistance, she provided me with three different time slots. However, she failed to show up for any of them, leaving me perplexed and frustrated. The lack of respect for my time and the absence of professional courtesy were profoundly disappointing.

Regrettably, my attempts to communicate and address the issues with Joyce Godfrey have been met with silence. The fact that she has effectively ghosted me following such an underwhelming and unprofessional experience speaks volumes about her commitment to her clients and her credibility as a service provider.

In conclusion, I am utterly dissatisfied with the services provided by Joyce Godfrey for my dropshipping store. The glaring disparity between the promises made and the actual experience highlights a concerning lack of integrity and accountability. I strongly advise others to exercise caution before considering her services, as my experience has left me disillusioned and questioning the legitimacy of her offerings.


On 26 Aug 2023


On 26 May 2021

Went above and beyond with my project! Even when I actually messed up my order, she continue her patience and professionalism. It was great working with her and I will continue to use her for future projects


On 25 May 2021



On 09 May 2021


On 26 Apr 2021



2 Days Delivery

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I will do 3 revision

Joyce Godfrey


Member since June 2020