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PLEASE READ (This is important): This service is designed to build a solid platform so that any marketing you do will be amplified, and any leads you get will be largely from organic traffic, (phone calls or inquiries through your business profiles, organic search, and so on).

The amount of leads you get will vary by the quality of your offer, market conditions, and demand. Some will get A TON of leads, some of you will get none. What you will get however is reach and awareness that is necessary to build your lists, branding that will attract people, authority and syndication... all of which will serve you well and make sure that when people do search, you are where people are looking.

SEO is a long-term strategy service and the traffic I drive is highly targeted and click-based, not impressions-based, meaning real people are coming to your site. It will take 6-12 months to get LASTING results.

That said this is what's possible with long term, consistent SEO.

What Is Live Minder?

The Live Minder Project is a market research, data analysis and forecasting system I created, specializing in data mining and information gathering. I leverage that data to help companies find/create opportunities and make money. It is fast, powerful, and more importantly, very accurate.

What makes the system unique is that I don't just mine current or past data, but LIVE data as well. I am one of the few in the world with a system that can do that.

When it is used for marketing purposes, the primary goals are to:

  1. Find out who your ideal customer is.
  2. ​Find out what their problems are.
  3. Research competitors.
  4. ​Find "pain points" with existing solutions.
  5. ​Brainstorm products and solutions, (or tailor your existing ones).
  6. ​Help you create offers that your market will find irresistible.

Then, we take that information, and create offers which we will then market, targeting the people who are most likely to take action on your offers.

What I Offer:

When it comes to service, these are the four things I do extremely well.

1. Website Optimization

Once we know who your ideal customer is, what their problems are, and we have something to offer them, the very next step is to optimize your website so that it is a fast, friendly, and an easy experience for your visitors. This includes a focus on speed, relevance, and fixing errors that hinder ranking.

While this is happening, Live Minder will continue running in the background, gathering more data for research and analysis.

2. Leads and Sales

After your site/funnel has been optimized and we know it will be a great experience for your visitors, the next step will be to create offers that will attract your visitors and turn them into leads and put them into an email list.

If building sales funnels isn’t preferred, we can simply update the website to reflect the offers that work best with what you currently have.

Once that is done, the process of creating traffic begins.

3. Create Traffic

Unlike other companies that do only one type of marketing, (SEO service, social media service, email marketing, etc.), then charge $10,000 or more for a “specialized” service, I combine multiple types of marketing to drive traffic to get you the best possible results.

Here are some of the strategies that are included in your plan.

  1. SEO/Social Media – this is the foundation for organic traffic and domain authority. It begins by submitting your website your 30+ directories every month, building social media exposure, and creating backlinks to your site. This will raise your ranking and give you more search engine exposure.
  2. Local Marketing – I drive hundreds and thousands of website visitors to your website every month targeted by country or location of your business.
  3. Search Listings – I will list your site on up to 400 search engines and networks, receiving an average of 100-200 million searches per month.
  4. Targeted Market Traffic – Real visitors from websites related to yours, that are part of a network of sites that accepts marketing, and It will be targeted by category, and optimized to boost your rankings.

This is the process I use for generating traffic, leads and sales, and it is one of the most well-rounded marketing campaigns that anyone can offer.

My Offer.

Normally I charge $5,000 per year for this service, but for a limited time, I am offering a special 43% discount.

That means you will receive a full year of high-quality marketing for just $2,850.

When you make the decision to purchase today, you will also receive free business consulting from me personally,for as long as you’re a client.

This includes research, competitor analysis, and creating offers - a $250 per month value, ($3,000 per year), absolutely free.

You will also receive:

  1. BONUS #1: Free marketing tips and strategies by email.
  2. ​BONUS #2: 90 Days of Extra Marketing! ($1250 value)

That is full year of traffic, leads and sales for your business, plus all of the mentioned bonuses above - a total value of $9,250 for just $2,850!



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If you are unhappy with the quality of our work, or the results you receive, all you have to do is simply ask within 30 days of your purchase, and I will refund the unused portion of your money, no questions asked. That is my personal, iron-clad, no-nonsense, 30-day money back guarantee.

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