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Join The Elite Club Of Entrepreneurs Selling Online 

You are cordially invited to have a 1-on-1 Funnel Discovery Session.

This session is designed to remove the stress from your One Funnel Away (OFA) Challenge.

You are just 15 minutes away from having a clear understanding of what you NEED to do.

How to launch your Funnel the correct way...and how easy your One Funnel Challenge can actually be.

You have stress in life between work, kids, family, money and everything in between.  

Let me help remove the stress of the One Funnel Challenge from you.

Your Funnel Discovery Session will be with a:

  • One Funnel Challenge Graduate
  • One Comma Club recipient (meaning I sold $1,000 worth of product after my OFA Challenge)
  • ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Partner with almost $5K paid out ($4,511.29 at present)
  • Certified Conversion Marketer (obsessed with Funnels)
  • Certified AWAI Copywriter (even more obsessed with Conversions)

Dear Future One Funnel Away Graduate:

Pity the poor shiny object chaser. All those promises. All those dreams of glory.

Yet how seldom the puffery pans out.

The reason is simple: 

Unfortunate entrepreneurs get hooked on the dopamine release triggered when buying a new product or shiny object.

But You're Different From Them

That’s why you signed up for the One Funnel Away Challenge.  

Now answer one question for me:

What will your Funnel look like when it’s complete?

Will you need:

  • An Order Bump?
  • One Upsell or Two?
  • A single Video Sales Letter or a hybrid Sales Page?
  • Your Lead Magnet delivered using ClickFunnels or in your Email Autoresponder?
  • An email sequence that drives to an appointment versus a Sales Page?
  • Deliverables inside a Members Only Area or Created as you go? 

If any of those items makes you shudder a little bit, then I can help.

That brings us back to the invitation at the top of the page:

Here’s What You’ll Get IF

You Join Me For a Funnel Discovery Session:

Video Recording of Consultation ($197 Value) 

You’ll have the video of everything we brainstorm together. I’ll even give you the insider secrets that I used to win a One Comma Award selling a $7 PDF so that you sell your stuff faster and easier.

Funnel Diagrams Created Together ($197 Value)

Don’t spend money on things you don’t need. Let’s identify your goal and I’ll give you tips on how to adapt your funnel to meet that goal. It’s very likely I will actually draw it out for you.

My Funnel diagrams may not be pretty but they will be damn effective for you.

Tips From a Certified Conversion Marketer ($997 Value)

Don’t waste hours hunting blogs and watching YouTube videos… even if they are my Videos :)

We can pack an insane amount of Funnel knowledge into your 15 minute session… and guess what… if we need to go a little over time, I’m not going to hang up on you… we just get it done together

Input From an AWAI Certified Copywriter ($997 Value)

Is anything easier than talking about your business? Talking about your One Funnel Away goals?

Anything better than brainstorming your business goals with someone who loves to smash those ideas headlong into Sales Funnels, Copywriting and Automation?

Value Bombs From One Comma Club Winner ($997 Value)

I’ve read countless comments about people panicking and losing sleep when it comes to the OFA challenge. I’m offering you that feeling of accomplishment. Plan and simple. So many people don’t feel accomplishment today because taking uncomfortable action is difficult.  

Almost $5,000 Paid To Me as a CF Affiliate ($4997 Value)

How much would it mean to not have to take the cheap option when buying for your family.

How great would it feel to get a bill and just say "No factor... pay it"... because you launched your funnel and it's working?

Imagine how it feels when your side business is now the real deal with predictable profits coming in…

So by now you are likely saying to yourself: 

“I Want to Launch My Funnel Like a Pro…

Give Me a Funnel Discovery Session”

If you are ready to sleep like a baby during your One Funnel Challenge because you have a clear understanding of what is required from you and how easy this actually is.

You're ready to be part of the Special Club of action takers and ass kickers who have crossed the One Funnel Finish Line.

Just to Recap Here's What You Get From Me:

  • Video Recording of Consultation so you can refer back to every essential detail from this powerful brainstorming and funnel mapping session.
  • Funnel Diagrams Created Together so you'll always have a visual reference to pin on your wall. You never get distracted from your goals. 
  • Tips From a Certified Conversion Marketer - Funnel knowledge inside golden nuggets about getting MORE people to take ACTION in your Sales Funnel.
  • Input From an AWAI Certified Copywriter - there will be no unpleasant surprises about how much sales copy your Sales Funnel will need to launch.
  • Value Bombs From One Comma Club Winner - easily see what it takes to ramp up the Average Customer Value. This is where your real Funnel profits come from. This is what will get your own $1,000 Award from the One Funnel Away Challenge FASTER!
  • Almost $5,000 Paid To Me as a CF Affiliate - I'll show you how to transform what you've learned in the One Funnel Away Challenge to make passive income as an Affiliate Marketer... just like me.

Now that you're excited to discover your Funnel with me...

Send Me a message if you have any Questions.

Let's meet up to talk about you and Your Sales Funnel.

Here's how it works:

  1. Hit the Buy Button at the top of this page.
  2. You'll get a message from me to book a time you like.
  3. We meet up and talk about you, your Funnel and your goals.

Easy or what?

WARNING: I like to map out funnels so I'll likely do that for you.

Pro Tip - I'll also send you info on how to tell me a little more about your business. If you do, I can over deliver and make it Level 9000 awesome for you.

Besides, isn't if fun to talk about yourself and how you're going to conquer the world...

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Professional. Had great ideas. Easy to talk to because he's genuinely interested in boosting your business.


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