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Turn Your Designs into 3D Objects (For Advanced Custom Designs, see EXTRAS)




Graphic Design



Let's Keep it Simple

I will turn your design into an eCover!

I will take your design and turn it into a 3D-looking image such as a book, computer screen, pill bottle, etc.

Whatever design idea you have or would like to see I can turn it into a 3D-looking "physical" product so you can help increase the perceived value of your product.

Keep This in Mind

If you would like a more complex design for your product, please message me in advance and I will let you know whether you will have to select the EXTRA Design work.

What You Get

You will select one of the following eCovers below:

  • Digital Screen Displays (i.e., Phone, Computer, Laptop, Tablet)
  • Bags (i.e., Paper Shopping bags, Fancy Shopping bags, Gift Bags, Bag of Chips)
  • Books (front, back, inside) (i.e., Paperback, Hard Cover, Graphic Novel, Soft Cover, Notebook, Hard Bound)
  • Bottles (i.e., Wine, Water, Bleach, Detergent, Spray Cleaner, Medicine, Shampoo, 2-Liter)
  • Boxes (i.e., SoapBox, Cereal Box, Software Box, Packaging)
  • Cans (i.e., Spray Paint, Paint, Coffee, Soda, Juice)
  • Cartons (i.e., milk, quart, pint, half-gallon)
  • Compact Discs (i.e., CD Case, DVD Case, CD/DVD)
  • Container (i.e., Protein Powder Tubs)
  • Cups (i.e., Paper cups with and without lid, ceramic mugs, metal mugs)
  • Envelopes
  • Magazines and Comic Books
  • Stationary (i.e., Note pads, Business Cards, Brochures, RSVP, Greeting Cards, Binders)
  • Tube (i.e., Shaving Cream)

Upon completion, you will receive the following files: PSD (Photoshop file), a JPEG file with white background, and a PNG file with a transparent background.

Product Features

You will be able to use this eCover for your sales funnels and digital product offers. Having an eCover can enhance the perceived value of your offer by providing a visual of a physical product for comparison.

My Experience

I have been working in graphic design for almost 20 years in various capacities and now I have software to help create these digital assets for you quickly and efficiently. I use photoshop with a series of plugins and actions and can manipulate the designs in a variety of ways.


The eCovers are based on software and have limited editing capabilities, however, some products allow for various degrees of angles in which to view them. For these products, there will be up to 4 revisions allowed. For other products with limited design, you will be able to receive 2 revisions which will primarily focus on editing the applied art, not the model.

What I Need to Get Started

In order to provide this service, we will require brand assets such as logos, fonts, graphics, and images. For example, if you would like a Book cover turned into an eCover you can showcase, please provide the cover art.

If you do not have the art for the product, you can request design work as an add-on. This will be limited to 1 revision.

Additionally, if you need more than one eCover, go to the Add-ons section to get a discounted rate on additional eCover.



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