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When you want to truly engage & connect with your audience, there is nothing that works better than sharing your story.

A story gives color and depth to otherwise bland material and it allow people to connect with the message in a deeper, more meaningful way.

This story could be about your origins and where you come from — called an ‘Advanced Origin Story’, or it could be about the epiphany that changed your life and led you to where you are today — called an Epiphany Bridge Story.

Having a story like this can go a long way when you are starting off in your business.

But it's hard to see the picture when you are in the frame!

You might have all the pieces of your story but don’t know how to put it together — simply because you are too close to the story itself!

But worry not — that’s where I come in!

I’m Gaurav K. I specialize in consumer psychology ​and persuasion techniques that get sales & clicks. In the copywriting business I run, I work with difference-making companies that want to boost their leads, score more sales, and build a better world. 

What can I do, you ask?

Well, I can take a set of disjointed and patched up stories and bring them together into a compelling Advanced Origin Story or Epiphany Bridge Story for you.

The goal of your story is to get your audience into the same state that you were in by sharing where you come from and the epiphany that you experienced when you started your business.

Using my years of experience as a storyteller, I will recreate the world that you were in and paint a picture that draws your audience into this world, getting them to relate to you and share in your experience.

How do you use a story to your benefit?

You can use your story to engage your audience and get them to truly connect with your message, thereby increasing conversions. Connect on an emotional level. Share a pain point with them and then offer a solution.

Your story can be included in a website introduction video or in welcome emails.

There are several ways that you can use your story:

-- Set the context: help your audience understand the space that you are creating for them and ease them into your world.

-- Create authenticity: your story tells your audience that you are the real deal and that makes it easier for them to make a decision to buy from you.

-- Set up for the desired outcome: your story tells your audience what outcomes they can expect, and why these outcomes are desirable.

-- Create brand loyalty: when your audience sees themselves in your story, they are more likely to come back to you!

Without a story, you won’t stand out in the marketplace and you will face an uphill battle in getting your audience to relate to you. Think of all the successful people you know — they all have a compelling story that is told and retold. 

That is what you need. That is what I can deliver for you.

If you choose to hire me, here’s what you will walk away with:

  1. Your Origin Story or your Epiphany Bridge Story Script (usually between 700 and 1200 words)
  2. An engaging introduction for your story that make you standout in the market
  3. 2 suggested headlines that emotionally connect your audience

But that’s just the highlights. What you actually get when you hire me is someone who can communicate who you are to the world and tell everyone why they must pay attention to you.

With my skills, I can create a legend that you will be told and retold time and time again. When you hire me, you get a partner to help establish your foothold in a crowded marketplace.

But don’t take my words this is what my client's say about me:

Some of the companies I’ve worked with:

Here’s what happens when you hire me:

  1. I will ask you a series of questions that will form the basis for your story. I would suggest you to record your rough story as an audio or write the rough story in a word file and send me the audio file or word file to save the time.
  2. I will review and come back to you with further questions to get clarity about your whole story. This back and forth might happen 2-3 times.
  3. I’ll check everything and finalize all the details.
  4. I will create the structure of your story and write it out.
  5. You then get to review your story and point out what you like, don't like and what I can improve.
  6. I will update your story based on your feedback. And we go back and forth till you are completely satisfied with your story.

So there you have it — with my assistance, you will have a story that will be told and retold for years to come.

I believe in reaching people with real, relatable, fun-to-read copy that gets the “YES!”

Not just the yes, but the “HELL YES!”

If you need HIGH-CONVERTING Advanced Origin Story or Epiphany Bridge Story, contact me now and invite me to apply for your job.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your SUCCESS is My Business,

Gaurav K.



Great experience working together. More to follow. Thanks a lot.


On 21 May 2020



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I don't refund orders if you change your mind about buying the service, because at that point I've likely already invested time talking to you about your offer and going through your materials. But if you are seriously unhappy with the final product (this will never happen), we can talk refund!

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