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Do you Know what your Sales offer is?

What is the best Order Bump that you can produce?

Is your OTO the right one to maximise Your return?

Do you know what your Competition are selling? And more importantly what they are not selling?

Let me help you identify the best offer stack for you and your business.

I am going to take your answers to a series of over and back questions and I am going to propose what your best offer will be given your market, your competition and your niche.

I am going to be a sounding board for what you think your offer is and I am going to look for holes and issues with it.

Then we are going to create what you go to market Offer Stack is going to be.

This project will take about 1 week to complete. Between over and back and questions and answers etc.

Once you purchase this job, I will need you to answer a number of questions which we will review once submitted.

Note, You will be doing the research on this job, and I will be asking you questions and offering suggestion giving my knowledge of funnels and my 20 years experience in sales and marketing.



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Jerry O Brien


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