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Day #8 - Crafting Your Chief Aim / Goal



Hi, I'm James Hughes

Schedule a 30 minute strategy session with me today to get clear on your funnel and marketing. It will give you the best chance of success.

The people I have helped around the world include:


  1. $20 Million + per year businesses
  2. Agencies and Freelancers
  3. Internet Marketers
  4. E-commerce
  5. ​Coaches and Consultants
  6. ​Network Marketers
  7. ​Local Small Business
  8. B2B Lead Generation
  9. Bloggers
  10. Affiliate marketers


What You Will Walk Away With:

1 x 15 minute Consultation: We get on a quick call so I can get a clearer picture of what it is you EXACTLY want to achieve and I'll be able to provide you with any specific solutions to your marketing challenges.

Here's How The 30 Minute Session Works:

Step #1 - Send me a message after ordering the gig with a short background, your story. What you want to achieve, any roadblocks and questions you may have.



I am so grateful I found James! He is an amazing coach and fun to talk to!


On 29 Jun 2024

It was amazing to talk to James!! His advice was priceless and I will definitely keep booking meetings with him! Excited to Lee working with him!


On 22 Jun 2024

James Hughes provided us with a remarkable Strategy Consultation, clearly outlining the steps needed to successfully achieve our objective. He gave us all the reassurance that it can be done. I can recommend him to anyone who is confused about Strategy and wants to make their Sales Funnel a success. I highly recommend James's services.


On 06 Jun 2024

James explained in simple terms the best strategy for my area of expertise.

He was very approachable with clear precise explanation.

Also, told that I had my part to play and to keep moving forward


On 24 Apr 2024

I had an excellent second training session with James. Once again, he skillfully guided me and got my funnel up and running! I highly recommend him to anyone feeling lost, confused, or seeking expert guidance.


On 23 Apr 2024



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James Hughes


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