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Hey there,

My name is Mickey and I'm a recovering workaholic.

Well, sort of...

I used to be a project manager in IT and this spring marks 5 years since I quit my job and started my online endeavours. But I've been doing online marketing for a bit longer than that.

Here's a quick run-down of my professional experience:

  • As a kid, I wanted to climb the corporate ladder and by the age of 22 I was a project manager
  • By the age of 24, I was the corporate trainer and had my own little team of trainers across multiple EU locations
  • At the age of 26-27, I got my PRINCE2 project management certification and was working for a huge IT company
  • I've worked with multiple FORTUNE 500 companies, automotive companies like VW, Mercedes-Benz, various banks, and an extensive list of fast-moving-consumer-goods companies

During that time I had various tasks and responsibilities.

But for the most part I had the standard PM tasks:

  • Create a project plan
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Follow-up and escalations

The works...

Starting 2011 I decided to move away from corporate and worked towards launching my own business. That's where I found online marketing and I found it fascinating.

It was the equivalent of the Discovery Channel but I could use the information in real life.

Here are a few highlights of my online marketing experience:

  • I've launched two e-commerce stores using Jeff Walker's PLF
  • I usually get 20%-40% open rate on my email campaigns
  • Experience using ClickFunnels
  • Experience using ActiveCampaign
  • Right now, my landing pages are getting 60%-80% opt-in rates
  • I've trained as a copywriter for a couple of years (but never practiced it professionally. I did it so I can create better content)
  • I managed to quit my corporate job by creating social media content for coaches and consultants
  • Limited experience using Facebook Ads (but I've managed to get $3 per lead from cold audience for my campaigns)

Like most digital marketers, I've read numerous books on copywriting, entrepreneurship, marketing, and have gone through numerous courses.

It's a bit tricky for me to quantify everything that I've learned during the last years, but am happy to have a conversation with you to validate my experience.

Personally, I have very strong values that are extremely important to me:

  • There are no consequences to being honest and I base my relationships on this
  • I'm a very loyal person and true to the cause
  • I never send over deliverables that I'm not proud to put my name on them
  • Respecting deadlines. If for whatever reason I won't be able to do that, I'll report within a timely manner
  • Having a "Project Manager" brain I'm always thinking a few steps ahead and I'm mapping out the "how-to" stuff. I work best when I know things in advance so that I can plan properly

Although I have experience in IT project, please don't consider me to be an IT geek. I'm more of a creative person who used Google a lot to make it through several IT projects :-).

Anyway, this description is getting a bit too long. But if you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to use the "Message Me" button from the top.

Looking forward to chatting with you,

- Mickey



Mickey is one of the most well rounded marketers I've met. His help with Email Marketing was Godsent. His attention to details helped me realize that there were too many gaps that I wouldn't have covered otherwise. Mickey is both creative and has an analytical mind at the same time. It's always a pleasure working with him!


On 17 Nov 2020

Mickey went above and beyond, with ideas and resources to solve the issues I had in putting my vision into action, for example organizing my new team in Trello, providing templates and instructions I can use myself on how to organize my social media content, and he gave me great feedback on the copy I had outsourced. He seemed to understand my goal and was very professional, with a great dry sense of humour at the same time.


On 11 Nov 2020



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If by any chance you aren't happy with the plan that I've put together, just let me know and I'll refund you immediately - no questions asked.

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