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Graphic Design



Favicon design in png format.

You will need a logo, if not, you can add a logo design below.

What is a favicon? - the small icon on the top of your webpage/ tab. For funnel rolodex, it's that top blue circle. So if you want one for your funnel, make sure to this order for a favicon! :). It will match your logo look!

It makes your webpage look professional and special.

So take this special order and let me design your favicon!

Extra options below to include a graphic mockup - Like a tablet, laptop, book or cellphone. Choose the quantity of items you wish to add

Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Tanya and I am an Online Sales Page Builders (Funnel Builders) & Branding Designer for My Brand Expert.I have 13 years of marketing and design experience in everything from logos, branding, 3D product images, brochures, pamphlets, ads, and other graphic design projects. I have completed courses from International Online Marketing Gurus and am now able to build funnels to help others find the freedom they deserve.

I do all this with a marketing manager diploma (which I received the award for the top achiever in the entire group, as well as the entire college for that year), a design qualification background and many years experience in graphic design, branding, and marketing.

Our team has tried, tested, failed and succeeded! Our mission now is to help others succeed and share the journey of our company!

I believe in customer service and design until my customers are super happy! Just see the comments - the proof is in the testimonials!

I love to over-deliver and will give my best to ensure you like your designs!

Just give me a try!

Why do we deliver these amazingly priced designs if we know what we are doing?

Since we realized how many people needed a good logo - especially if they want to do the 30day challenge. And logos are overpriced and hard to get exactly what you want.

So this is two-fold - we decided we want to provide a service to our fellow entrepreneurs that want to start an online business and needs a logo,

and secondly, - something a bit personal for me, but I have gone through a terrible emotional divorce, and it has knocked me on so many fronts, that I actually need the financial support of something extra to help get me off the ground again.

So help me by helping you! I love to design and it shows in my work! I will go the extra mile!

Please note - IF I DO NOT RESPOND, I will get back to you within the 5 days (hopefully 3) with your first concepts. I do live in a different country and have a business to run as well. So I DO design, I have never not delivered. So just give me a few days to plan and design, and then I will deliver on time :):):)

This offer is only not valid when I delete it! So please, push order and let me start designing your favicon !




On 22 Mar 2021

Tanya went out of her way to research the design for our logo. Great to work with


On 16 Jul 2020

Fast and professional.


On 16 Feb 2020


On 16 Oct 2019


On 30 Sep 2019



5 Days Delivery

Refund Policy

Refund can be provided if work is not delivered. No refund if you do not provide correct info.

Tanya Wolfaardt


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