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Are You Tired of Wasting Money on Paid Ads That Just Don't Deliver?

Do you want to get leads or sales with paid ads but you don't know the right way?

Do you feel like you're in a never-ending battle with your paid ad campaigns? Have you spent countless hours and hard-earned money on ads that simply don't convert, leaving you feeling defeated and overwhelmed?

You're Not Alone!

The truth is, the world of paid advertising is a complex maze, designed for the big players with deep pockets - not for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs like you. But what if I told you that your struggles are about to end?

Introducing: Consultation for Paid Advertising Success!

Forget about the confusion and frustration. I've developed a proven framework that has transformed the fortunes of over 200 clients, just like you. This isn't just another strategy; it's a proven system backed by real results.

Caroline went from paying $70 per lead to just $2-$3 per lead.


 Randy’s Financial Win: 4:1 ROI from the get-go, turning each $1 in ad into $4 back in profit.

Cedric’s Comeback Story: From a disheartening $400 loss with his old campaign to getting sales just 1 day after launching the new campaign. 

Why This Framework?

  1. Tailored for the Small Budget: Big results don't need big budgets.
  2. Quick Results: Say goodbye to endless testing phases.
  3. Continuous Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with regular adjustments for algorithm changes.

Special Limited Offer - Transform Your Business for Just $27!

Yes, you read that right! Instead of the usual $127 price, save $100 and get a complete 30-minute consultation to revolutionize your marketing strategy.

This week only

No More Guesswork, No More Wasted Money!

  1. Save Time: No need for endless learning and testing.
  2. Save Money: Avoid costly agency fees and ineffective strategies.


Why is this service offered at such a low price?

  1. I understand I could charge $300 or more for this service. Many have told me it's worth that much. However, charging so much goes against the purpose of this service: to assist entrepreneurs like you who are working with limited budgets and time but still aim to succeed and reach their goals.
  2. "Sending the elevator back down" - We all know success isn't easy. It often requires hard work and a helping hand. This is my way of giving back, or "sending the elevator back down." I'm offering what I wish I had when starting out.
  3. I prefer to demonstrate my expertise by actually helping you, rather than just claiming to be an expert. I believe once your business grows, you'll be ready to scale it with expert help. I hope to be the one you turn to.

Can you help promote on platforms other than Facebook? (Short answer: Yes, absolutely).

  1. Two years ago, I would have suggested focusing mainly on Facebook/Instagram for cost-effectiveness. However, with rising costs on Facebook and changes like the IOS 14 update affecting performance and reporting, I've successfully used the quick win framework on other platforms like Google/Youtube and TikTok for some clients.
  2. The choice of platform depends on your business, niche, and offer, which is why I ask a few questions first. My goal is to set up an ad campaign using the quick win framework on the platform that brings you the most qualified traffic at the lowest cost, ensuring the highest ROI.
  3. Ultimately, it's all about capturing the attention of your target audience and motivating them to take the desired action.

Sounds great, how do I get started? 

Step 1: Get the service

Click the blue “Buy Now” button below to get the service via Funnel Builder 

Step 2: Answer questions

You will receive a message from me where I ask you a couple of quick questions.

Step 3: Book your call

You’ll receive a link to pick the best time that works for you and book your call.



I have to say this was by far the best experience I have had on this site. Aiman is extremely patient and knowledgeable. This guy is so good hired him three times in a month.Will hire him again in future.He just over delivers with value.


On 16 Jan 2023


On 10 Jan 2023

This gentleman Aiman L,was patient and extremely knowledgeable and took his time.He went above and beyond what the gig required.He is the Truth!! By far the best experience I've had

on this platform. Can't wait to work with again.


On 09 Jan 2023

Aiman is awesome!


On 24 Oct 2022

I did this a long time ago and just realized I never did a review. I really loved this session and Aiman did a great job. I still remember being impressed with the training--even though it was nearly two years ago that I did it! Better late than never! LOL


On 04 Aug 2022



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No question money-back guarantee if I fail to deliver my services. No one of my clients had to use the guarantee ;)

Aiman L


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