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Sales Letters


... $155 = 1000 words of sales copy or sales funnel copywriting that keeps your audience engaged and wanting more... (50% OFF than my regular price)

Simply put, you need CONVERSIONS.

You need high converting sales letters that have readers chomping at the bit to move forward through the rest of your funnels ...

You need email sequences that nurture subscribers AND flip them into paying customers.

You need the right people coming to your blog, find it so valuable that they subscribe to your blog, and trust you enough to buy whatever you recommend.

What you NEED is a specialist … someone who can create persuasive messages that prompt readers to TAKE ACTION.

Trust me, I know how difficult it can be to nail your marketing message. It’s even difficult for people who call themselves “copywriters.”

That’s why you can’t just hire anybody.

You need a proven specialist who can get you results while you focus on what really matters … like GROWING YOUR BUSINESS.

I’m Gaurav K. I specialize in consumer psychology ​and persuasion techniques that get sales & clicks. In the copywriting business I run, I work with difference-making companies that want to boost their leads, score more sales, and build a better world. 

Why work with me?​

I’m the one to come to when you want words that sell online. 

  1. 6+ years of experience. Plus, I was trained by the best in DIRECT Response Copywriting. That’s right—the giants of copywriting who know their shiz taught me how to help you rock your biz.

  1. I have worked with brands like FitFarmUSA, CLEANLean, Leggari, Covve and RESONANCE to optimize their online funnels & offers for maximum sales. 

  1. I make your life easier, and I make you look good. That’s cuz my process is streamlined. And I make sure your copy grabs from the headline.

  1. I belong to several super-special secret copywriting networks. I stay up on what’s going down to keep my skills fresh so your copy soars.

Your copy is your 24/7 online salesperson.. And its job is to compel and sell. 

But if it’s ineffective, you’ll have scant leads, weak sales, a sinking business. 

When it’s doing its job, people click your buttons, share your message, and buy your stuff.

If you want your dream clients to say...

“I want to go THERE!”

“I want to join THAT!”

“I want to take/eat/drink that!”

“I want to learn/do/own/buy that!”

Then, you're in the right place.

I can write honest, research-driven, ballsy copy for brands that attracts people to products and services that help them solve problems.

I love strategizing, storytelling, and giving people the solutions they’re searching for to make their lives better.

So I write honest, research-driven, ballsy copy for brands whose stories I respect and want to share.

My sales copy will:

-- Get prospects excited about your offers

-- Persuade your audience to take action (eg. buying, clicking, or submitting an email address)

-- Optimize conversions for your campaigns and funnels

-- And much more...

My copywriting specialties include:

  1. HIGH Converting Sales Pages Copy
  2. Full Sale Funnel Copywriting (including Upsells, OTO's)
  3. Website Copy (Home Pages, About Pages, Service Pages etc.)
  4. Landing Pages Copywriting for more leads
  5. HIGH Converting Email Campaigns & Email Copywriting to get more clicks & sales
  6. Video Marketing Scripts & VSL for more conversion
  7. LinkedIn Profile & About Us Pages to build more trust
  8. Brochures & Presentations to showcase your business
  9. And more!

This is what my client's say about me:

"Gaurav is a fantastic writer. He has the ability to gather the thoughts from my head and unscramble them in a clear and concise manner. He actually takes the time to learn about me and my business to the point where he can transmit information to my potential clients in a way that makes me look like a true professional. Thank you Gaurav."

Some of the companies I've worked with:

Look, we both know talk is cheap.

Why not hire me and find out for yourself how I can quickly increase your sales?

I believe in reaching people with real, relatable, fun-to-read copy that gets the “YES!”

Not just the yes, but the “HELL YES!”

If you need HIGH-CONVERSION sales copy, website content or anything else for your project, contact me now and invite me to apply for your job. As you've already seen, I have the experience, skill, and testimonials to prove that I have what it takes to deliver the effective high-impact copy you need to make your project an unrivaled success.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your SUCCESS is My Business,

Gaurav K.



I do SO much writing of materials for my various projects and clients, including sales copy, that I just got too busy and too tired (!) to write a sales letter for this program. So Gaurav did it for me and in a couple days. The first draft was 80% there. I gave him just the concept of the change I wanted and he did it in a way I never would have thought of! It was great, and the sales letter was done! Thanks Gaurav.


On 01 Feb 2023

Awesome job


On 16 Jun 2022


On 05 Dec 2021

Seller was great, provided copy within deadline, made a few tweaks to the copy that I asked for. I'm going to start testing it with my audience and hopefully it is a winner. Thanks Innovativevine


On 15 Oct 2021


On 25 Jul 2021



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I don't refund orders if you the mistake is from your side or you have changed your mind about buying the service, because at that point I've likely already invested time talking to you about your offer and going through your materials. But if you are seriously unhappy with the final product (this will never happen), we can talk refund!

Gaurav Kumar


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