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Day #18 - Your Sales Message


Struggling to write your Epiphany Bridge Story?

I understand. As a mentor of mine once said, "It's hard to see the picture when you are in the frame!"

Lets Plan your best story and then I will rework it to make it amazing

About 4 years ago,

I was sitting in the place you are now… 

Looking at a set of disjointed patched up stories and wondered how I am going to bring them together or worse….

an empty page.


I was wondering how best to take the information that Russell Brunson had shared about Origin Stories and Epiphany Bridge Stories. Then create my own origin story that would be of interest to others.

Then I kicked myself and said “Jerry, you are up to this, You have written and performed Stand Up comedy, studied NLP and studied clowning in the mountains around Barcelona.“ Not to mention my 27 years in the Sales industry.


Hi, I’m Jerry J O Brien,


I help people get their Epiphany Bridge Story out to the world. 


I will create an amazing Epiphany Bridge Story for you and your business that will help share your company and personal message to your potential audience in an interesting and captivating way. Your story will be ideal for a website introduction video or for welcome emails to your list.


Let's do this together!



When I started, I didn’t have a blueprint of how to write one of these stories. Russells questions gave some over all guidelines but didn’t go deep enough and didn't pull it all together.


When I was writing my story my brain kept throwing questions at me.

Will people want to listen to my story?

Why would they want to?

Will I get abuse from people for being so open?

If only there was someone to guide me and tell me if I am going in the right direction.


Today, my Epiphany Bridge Story has been viewed by 1,000s on Youtube, with 100s of likes and 100s of positive comments.


It is a nice feeling to open up and share. And then for people to resonate with my story. 


After my first story, a friend asked me for some help with theirs.


This got me thinking.

There must be others like me who need help writing their stories.


Can I help them?



Initially, I set out to help some friends and their businesses get their message out. Then, I went to the internet and offered the service.


I took the Epiphany Bridge Story questions and brought them to the next level with my sales, comedy, and NLP experience. Even my clowning might influence stories a little.


Since I started I wrote more than 75 stories for Entrepreneurs with a 5 star rating across multiple platforms. Each one getting better and better.

My stories are being used in California, Canada, Singapore, UK, Ireland and Mexico to name some countries. Topics include Fitness, Counseling, Make Money Online, Network Marketing and Consulting.

Do you want me to help you with your story? Message me your questions?

What You Will Walk Away With:

  1. Your Epiphany Bridge Story Script normally between 700 and 1200 words
  2. High Emotion introduction
  3. 2 Suggested Headlines
  4. Suggested next steps


Here's How The ''What Is your Epiphany Bridge Story Session'' Works:

  1. Once selected, You will be asked a series of questions that will form the bases for your story.
  2. I will then review and come back with some further questions to “Go Deeper” into certain parts of your story.
  3. This may happen, 2 or 3 times.
  4. A call to confirm details
  5. Once I have all the information that I require. I will take your information and re structure it
  6. I will create a compelling introduction based on the information that you have provided and add more.
  7. You then get to review and tell me what you like, don't like and What I can improve.
  8. I will update and we can do this until you are completely satisfied with your story.

Why this price?

To be honest, I have completed about 75 stories of varying length. Most at the same price, but these stories can be very time-consuming. Some of you have a lot to say and some not so much. I am considering increasing the price and will do so soon. If you want to guarantee this price I suggest that you purchase this now today.

OK let's get started,

Purchase the job and

Let’s do this together.


NORMAL PRICE for just the story is $599 Discounted at the moment but will be increased with every new order!


This job is for a max of 1000 words and will take 17 days to complete


I will give you the following BONUSES

Bullseye Story Planning Call - Value $200

Template for 5 Emails Welcome SOS Series (Fill the blanks) Value $300

14 Email Formulas that you can use to keep your audience engaged Value $150

5 Hooks from your Story - Valued $100

eBook 12 Steps to write your first Epiphany Bridge Story even if you never wrote a story before - Valued $100




Jerry just completely made me speechless. I filled out his initial form and I was a little worried if I provided enough. He asks the right questions to get you to really think about your story. Completely blown away. Thank you Jerry for helping change my life and my families life.


On 05 Dec 2023

Jerry is an amazing copywriter! He spends a decent amount of time to learn about you, your past, your business, the offering.... and then creates a touching and rounded story! Thanks a lot, Jerry!


On 12 Jan 2022

I highly recommend Jerry O'Brien. He did an EXCELLENT job planning and writing my origin story and epiphany bridge. He has two offers. One costs less and the other is his higher offer which includes bonuses. He is truly skilled at his craft. I chose the higher offer and cannot say enough about how Jerry has overdelivered. He kept in contact with me to ask questions and gain information to use in my epiphany bridge. I had SO much information and am too close to my own subject matter. I hired Jerry to sift through the information and come up with a compelling story that I can use for my landing page, as lead magnet or broken up into emails. By the way, part of his bonuses included in the higher priced offer are excellently crafted email templates to use. Jerry finished the rough draft and then offered me the chance to look it over and add any comments before finishing the final product and story. Jerry is EXCELLENT. I found he is highly recommended in other reviews, which is why I chose him. Now, I have personally experienced his ability to deliver all and more than I asked for. If you are looking for someone to help you plan and write your origin story and epiphany bridge story, Jerry is your man! Plus, you will LOVE the bonuses. Clenice Vincent


On 19 Feb 2021

Jerry took the time to understand my business and brought together my thoughts and idea. He was very accessible and easy to work with. I recommend his services and will use again.


On 30 Jan 2021

Jerry did a fantastic job with my story! he is really a master of his craft! I had high expectations after reading his reviews and he over delivered. not only I recommend him but I am sure I will be hiring him again in the near future. if you are on the fence don't waste any more time Jerry is your guy, I wish I found him sooner!


On 02 Dec 2020



5 Days Delivery

Refund Policy

I don't refund orders. If you change your mind about buying this service, you will understand that I have already invested time going through your materials. I suggest that we go through the process. I promise you will be happy with the outcome, if you follow the process. Having said that, if you are seriously unhappy with the final product, we can talk about a partial refund!

Jerry O Brien


Member since April 2019