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Are you a ClickFunnels wizard itching to work with visionary entrepreneurs? Your Dream 100 customers congregate here.

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Funnel Builder is a marketplace designed to serve the ClickFunnels community. We connect professional freelancers with entrepreneurs who desire to develop successful funnels that earn consistent revenues.

Do you know the ins and outs of ClickFunnels and want to profit from your knowledge and skills? Funnel Builder comprises success-driven entrepreneurs (including 2CC and 2CC-X award winners) ready to hire you.

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We Make Selling as Easy as ABC

Building a successful freelance business online need not be an arduous task. Funnel Builder connects ClickFunnels professionals with dozens of entrepreneurs ready to pay for their services. Here’s how the marketplace works:

Pick a service

Decide on the service you’d like to offer based on your experience and skillset.

Create a listing

Head over to the marketplace, create a free account, and then publish your first listing.

Offer premium-level work

Pay attention to every detail a client provides and deliver quality work on time.

Get paid

Request for payments after completing your first few jobs and get paid fast.

Build a successful business

Continually deliver quality work and position your business for long-term success.


I discovered the Funnel Builder Marketplace through the OFA challenge and found it perfect for outsourcing tasks I needed help with. The platform is user-friendly, seamless, and has helped grow the ecosystem needed for business success. I highly recommend the Funnel Builder Marketplace for anyone looking to build successful funnels!

Carmena Su


The Funnel Builder Marketplace has had a bigger impact on my life than I ever anticipated. Initially, I tried to do too much—web development, copywriting, and video editing—leading to paralysis. After following Russell and Stephen Larsen's OFA challenge advice on finding the Who not How, the Funnel Builder Marketplace has liberated me as an entrepreneur. It's helped me move closer to financial freedom and has provided more liberation than I could have imagined.

David Revell


The Funnel Builder Marketplace is intuitive, and I quickly found a graphic designer with a showcased portfolio, competitive pricing, and positive reviews. The service was fast and effective, resulting in impactful images. Additionally, a 20-minute call with Seth led to a perfect match with a digital marketer. I'm impressed with Seth's ability to identify my needs and find the right fit.

Lia Zalums

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Build the Business You’ve Always Imagined

Funnel Builder is an ideal platform for ClickFunnels professionals looking to build a profitable freelance business. Desire to monetize your knowledge and skills and create an additional income stream? Bring your dream to life today.

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