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FBM Digest #96: Amazing ad example, a high-ticket blueprint, and much more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #96: Amazing ad example, a high-ticket blueprint, and much more...

In an effort to live as long as possible, I decided to do another 5 day water fast this week (have you ever done one?)


While my stomach won't stop growling, my mind has become surprisingly quiet, so I've been able to uncovered a few nuggets I really think you'll like!

Let's dive in...


You have likely seen James Hughes on the marketplace...

As I write this he has a rating of five stars from 287 reviews, which is huge! He's basically a funnel and marketing rock star.

Anyhoo, while sitting on YouTube this week, one of James' videos was recommended to me...

I really enjoyed it and thought you would get a lot from too:

One of James' clients hired him for his special strategy session, and this is a recording of that strategy session.

In just 16 minutes, he goes into the ideal funnel blueprint and the reasoning behind each step, and he dives into his special traffic strategy that drives tons of leads to the funnel.

There is some real gold in this short video so click here to watch it or click the play button below:

This strategy session is great to watch, but imagine having a strategy session like this specifically for your product or service!


Having an expert who has worked with major brands and built multiple 2CC funnels give you guidance on yours could be worth a small fortune to you.


If you would like James to do one for you, hire him to do that here.


(This service alone has received 146 five star ratings so you know it's good!)





Read this ad from top to bottom and then bottom to top:

This incredibly creative ad from Patagonia taps into different emotions depending on the direction you read it.

Reading from the top down causes anger and anxiety, and from the bottom up hope and encouragement.


The copy lands on two levels:

1. It uses power words to generate the emotions in the reader.

2. You get a strong feeling of novelty having discovered something interesting hidden in plain sight (which also makes readers highly likely to share it, like I have here).


Can you hack this ad for your business? I think so...





I came across this interesting piece by Kevin Bronander yesterday and being into psychology, I wanted to share it with you to see what you thought...

"At work and in school, we’re given a blueprint to follow. We know exactly what we need to do to accomplish our objectives.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the same clear-cut definition of “enough” for our lives as a whole.

Is clocking in and out of work, then going home to watch TV, "enough?"

Searching for enough

We’re prone to thinking that specific changes will make us feel like we’re doing enough, and we can finally relax and coast knowing that we’re doing everything right.

If we can just make X per year, have a job with more flexibility, or spend more time on hobbies, we’ll feel like we’re doing enough with our lives.

Our expectations rise, and what was once a lofty goal becomes our new normal.

Focusing on what’s next

If we recognize that we’ll always feel like we could and should be doing more, then we can stop chasing “enough.” We can then start focusing on what’s next. Instead of worrying about doing more, we can enjoy the process of improving and adding to our lives.

This shift in mindset also removes the expectation from everything we’re pursuing. Rather than doing everything with the hope that we’ll finally feel complete afterward, we can remove that pressure, and enjoy our pursuits for their own sake.

There’s no such thing as “enough,” so we shouldn’t waste energy chasing it. The best we can do is be grateful for where we are today, and carefully consider where we’re going next.


1. Do you feel like you’re doing “enough” right now? Where do you feel like you should be doing more?

2. What are you chasing that you think will make you feel like you’re doing “enough” once you accomplish or have it?

3. How can you shift your focus from doing “enough” to enjoying what comes next?

For further reading, check out Enough: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life by John C. Bogle."





You may have seen in the Facebook group, for the past few weeks, Funnel Builders in the Funnel Builder Certification program have been in a funnel design competition.


They were tasked with improving on Russell's control template, with the highest rated funnel being declared the winner.

From a pool of over 50 incredible submissions, the FBC team has selected the top 10 designs. 

Now, they need your help to pick the top 3 winners who will walk away with fantastic prizes!


The votes will be counted in a couple of days so click each name to see their amazing funnel design (I've put an * next to the funnel builders who are on the marketplace ;) ):

Jessica Beauchesne*

Puja Misra*

Elisabeth Müllner

Malia Burcham*

Andrew Bobchenok

Jacob Kenneally*

Marchello Sciortino*

Toni Barnett

Koen De Wit*

Arjit Kumar*

Then, cast your vote here and help decide who takes home the top prizes.


And, if you see a funnel and think, 'Wow, I want that person to build one for me!' Reply to this email letting me know who and I'll have them reach out to you.





"Idk who needs this but I've seen many startups fail because of founder burn out. I've never seen a startup fail because a founder took a couple of days off."

- Alex Friedman

And that wraps up newsletter 96. I can't believe we're almost at 100! We'll have to look into doing something special to celebrate.


Until next time, have a great couple of weeks and drop me an email if you need anything.


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