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FBM Digest #92: Ideas to make money online, metaphysical funnels, and much more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #92: Ideas to make money online, metaphysical funnels, and much more...

I hope this newsletter finds you well! I've found some interesting nuggets for you this week so let's dive right in...


Are you looking for effective and proven ways to earn money online? 

Maybe a new income stream or two?

If so, these latest videos by Tim Pitsenbarger are for you:

1. 22 Bulletproof Ways To Make Money Online

2. 7 Powerful Passive Income Ideas

Watch these videos, find 2 or 3 ideas you’re ready to implement, and then if you want someone to do everything for you, reply to this email and I'll connect you with the ideal person.






Another marketing idea from Harry Dry. This tip strengthens your marketing message by leading with your benefit and tying it to your feature:





One of the biggest hurdles for people trying to start a successful online business is figuring out what business to start.


You know you want to do something you're passionate about but which of your passions will actually be profitable?

Marin Godechot shared a great little process you can go through to help you pinpoint exactly what to build:


Finding your community

This exercise is inspired by The Minimalist Entrepreneur by Sahil Lavingia. It can help you identify your target communities:


1. Answer the following questions, listing responses under each: When I talk, who listens? Where and with whom do I spend my time, both online and offline? Where do I feel most authentic?


2. Based on your answers, compile a final list of your communities.


3. For each community, list locations (both geographic and online) where you can spend more time learning and contributing.


4. Take action: Post in a subreddit, go to a meetup, comment on a forum post, etc. Start contributing!


For most of my life on the internet, I’ve always been a lurker. Doing this exercise turned me into a contributor. I hated writing before, especially when I saw it as just a marketing tool. Now, I love writing, as I see it as being helpful to people and communities that I care about.


Finding problems

Make a table with three columns, each with one of these three headers: Person, Activity, Problem.


On the left, list the people and communities you’d like to help. In the center, write down how they spend their time. On the right, write down the problems with each activity.


If you're struggling to identify problems, think of how you can:

  1. Make something inaccessible more accessible.
  2. Make something more valuable by rearranging existing parts.
  3. Make something slow go fast.
  4. Remove a middleman somewhere.

This should be a living document that you update as you learn from people in your communities.


Choosing which business to build

For each problem, think of the business you would build to solve it. Answer these questions:

  1. Will I love it?
  2. Will it be inherently profitable?
  3. Does it have an internal growth mechanism?
  4. Do I have the right skill sets to build this business?

A business with a strong "yes" to each of these questions is likely to be a good fit for you!






The funnel this week is for a business selling astrology readings. While many people don't believe in these things, the people who do tend to be highly engaged customers (the company today has been successfully running ads for nearly 10 years!)


Given the topic, they do things many other businesses don't think of so there are lots of little nuggets you can borrow for your own ads and funnels.


The business for this week is Astrology Answers. In most all of their ads, they have images for each astrological sign and ask you to click on your sign to discover something interesting.


That then leads you to a  10-step questionnaire (which most people fill out because it's needed to get you the perfect horoscope).


Once they have your info, you're presented with a free personalised 'moon reading'.


This page eventually loads an offer for their Ultimate Astrology Bundle for $11.


They offer an upsell of 12 personal readings for $197 and a downsell of 3 personal readings for $67.


Check out their ads here → Facebook ads

Check out their landing page here → Horoscope landing page






"A useful thought experiment: If you run a service-based business, ask yourself what a 5* experience for your service would look like. Now imagine what a 10 * experience would look like. Find a way to provide a 10 * experience and your competition will disappear."

- Jordan Johnson


Have a great weekend, and I'll see you back here in two weeks!


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