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FBM Digest #85: Email deliverability drama, 1 thing all businesses need, and much more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #85: Email deliverability drama, 1 thing all businesses need, and much more...

Happy Friday! 


I've got some serious gold for you this week.


Let's dive in...



As you know, Google and Yahoo introduced significant changes to their email policies in February.


I've been tasked with updating the settings for a couple of businesses I work with, and not wanting our deliverability rating to be wrecked and emails to get rejected, I jumped into it.

However, I soon found out the changes we need to make are far from straightforward. 


(Despite following the instructions exactly, certain emails would still fail DMARC. Then, after hours of chatting with different support teams, I realised most companies haven't taken it very seriously.)


While figuring out exactly how to get everything working, I went down a bit of a YouTube and Reddit rabbit hole regarding email deliverability.


I then discovered another problem...


Although our open rates, etc., are pretty good, many of our emails never make it to our subscriber's inboxes.


And I don't know about you, but the last thing I want is to spend money getting someone to join our list, only for the emails I send them to go straight to spam.


So, I then tried to fix that problem.


Long story short, it turns out you can have your email deliverability checked and improved in the same way you can have your Google search ranking improved.

So, I hired a company to do a complete audit, make sure everything was set up correctly and working, and improve our deliverability.


It was a game-changer!


They told me things I had absolutely no idea were an issue and helped me make a bunch of tweaks that took our deliverability to the next level.


It was such a great experience that we found experts to offer the same service in the marketplace.


If you want to ensure you're actually set up correctly for the Google and Yahoo changes...


And/or you want to have an audit that shows you exactly how to improve your deliverability so more of your subscribers get your emails...


I 100% recommend checking them out.


They're called Fractional CMO, and they have two services:

1. They'll audit your email deliverability, give you a full report, and hop on a call to discuss everything in the report.

2. They'll do the above and make sure everything gets implemented/fixed.


If you're interested in service 1, click here.

To learn more about service 2, click here.


I'm almost certain they'll find things you had no idea were having a negative impact on your emails!






I wrote this for one of the ClickFunnels newsletters last week, and apparently people absolutely loved it... So I thought, 'I better share this with the marketplace community!'


It's pretty long, so I've skipped the Community Member tip this week to keep this digest from getting too long.


Let's dive in...


Imagine somewhere in the world, someone is watching one of your ads…

But, they aren’t just watching it, they are captivated by it! 

They know you have the solution to a problem they’ve been wanting to solve for years!

They’re hanging on your every word when suddenly their phone starts ringing…

It’s their boss. They have to take the call. 

As soon as the call is over, they rush back to the social media platform to watch the rest of your ad but their feed refreshes and your ad is gone!

They scroll and scroll and scroll but your ad is nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, they remember your business name. So, they quickly open up Google and search for it.

What exactly do they find?

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, the answer is unfortunately, nothing.


Because you don’t have a Funnel Hub.

Luckily, we sat down with FHL speakers Mike Schmidt and AJ Rivera, the Funnel Hub Originals, the brains behind the Funnel Hub, to find out what exactly a Funnel Hub is and how to build one.

Over to Mike and AJ…


"A Funnel Hub is not just a website; it's a strategic, comprehensive platform," explains Mike.


“There’s a common misconception that most people who go through your funnel whip out their credit card based on what they experienced while going through the funnel. 


“These sales do occur, however, they are only a small percentage of your potential customer base.”


“What really happens is that potential customers decide to do their own research before placing an order. 


“They search your brand, read reviews and articles, and dig into the information provided to them.”


AJ makes a good point, saying, “Those ‘hot buyers’ account for about 3% of your traffic. What happens to the other 97%?”


“A lot of them search the internet trying to figure out who you are, either to inform their buying decision or just because they've been hearing about you.


“That's where the biggest gap is. Too many people are so focused on their funnels they forget to have a page that talks about who they are.”


What is a Funnel Hub?


“Although it may look like a website on the outside, a Funnel Hub is something completely new,” shares Mike.


“It’s as if a website and Expert Secrets had a baby…


“The goal of Funnel Hub is to really be that centerpiece for your brand and who you are and what you're about.


“You take all of the fundamentals about how to persuade people that we learned in Expert Secrets; allay their fears, encourage their dreams, present yourself as an attractive character, and you position those things on this one page because it's everything your customer is looking for when they are looking to determine if they can trust your business.”


Why you need one


“Besides being able to persuade the 97% of people who don’t buy, if you don’t have a Funnel Hub, when somebody searches for your name online all bets are off,” says AJ.


“Someone may have given a recommendation to check out your product, or somebody in the media may want to interview you. Maybe someone wants you to speak on their stage.


“For example, there were people in the ClickFunnels Inner Circle that had over 1,000,000 searches per year for their product names and they weren’t showing up on the first page of search results.


“You know who was? Their competitors.


“And their competitors were saying, ‘this brand sucks, buy ours instead.’


“When people start searching for you, your Funnel Hub lets you control what they find.


“It establishes your brand, gives you presence and authority, and tells customers exactly what you’re about. 


“This creates a huge amount of trust and belief.

“And helps you ascend people up your value ladder.”


How do you build one?


ClickFunnels 2.0 has everything you need to make a very powerful Funnel Hub. If you’re using 2.0, you’re already halfway there.


But, what do you put on your Funnel Hub?


“Most people normally talk about boring stuff on their web page,” explains Mike.

“I went to this college, have this hobby, and whatever, right?

“Nobody reads it. It’s super vanilla and doesn't evoke emotion.


“We didn't want to reinvent the wheel with this. We took Expert Secrets and figured out where the logical point on a web page that these main points should go.


“The basic framework for the ideal Funnel Hub is outlined in Traffic Secrets, but essentially what you need to do is tick all those Expert Secret boxes.”

If you haven’t read Traffic Secrets, it has a great breakdown of how to build your Funnel Hub. 


Mike and AJ also shared some of their favorite Funnel Hubs for inspiration (they’re in the Funnel of The Week section).


However, if you don’t want to mess around and want the experts to give you all the answers, Mike and AJ can design something specific for your business.


They have a service on the Funnel Builder Marketplace in which they will give you a comprehensive Funnel Hub roadmap for your business, with a complete content framework and industry-insider custom reports on your market. You can check that out by clicking here.


Whatever route you choose, one thing is for sure, every business needs a Funnel Hub.


There could be thousands of people searching for you right now. People who want you on their podcast but don’t know how to reach you. Hot leads who are interested in buying from you but they can’t find you!


Grab your free copy of Traffic Secrets here or speak to Mike and AJ right now by clicking here.


You’ll be glad you did.





What better this week than to give you some examples of Mike and AJ’s favorite Funnel Hubs.

Check them out and use them as inspiration for your Funnel Hub:

Funnel Hub 1: Click here

Funnel Hub 2: Click here

Funnel Hub 3 (their own): Click here


If you would like Mike and AJ to fast-track your Funnel Hub, send them a message here.





"If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing." 

- Guy Kawasaki


And once again, that brings our digest to a close!


If you're in doubt about your email deliverability, speak to the Fractional CMO team here. It is such a key part of your business and their advice will likely get more of your emails landing in the inbox.

And, if you'd like to have a funnel hub for your business, speak to Mike and AJ here. Again, this is an absolute game-changer for most people when they add one!


Have a great weekend, and I'll see you back here next week.


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