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FBM Digest #80: Amazing display ads, Facebook ad tips, and much more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #80: Amazing display ads, Facebook ad tips, and much more...

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Check it out on the marketplace here and then let's dive into the nuggets I've found for you this week...



One thing we don't talk about often is display ads.


What's good about display ads is they enable us to show ads to a select audience no matter where they are online. 

I've often considered using them in my business but have never gotten around to setting them up (partly because the typical display ads I see on the web are dreadful!)

However, that might change...


According to eMarketer, display advertising is expected to surpass search in 2024 for ad spend, approaching $10 billion annually by next year.

So, marketing expert Aiman shared some display ad gold to help me see just what was possible...


Simply put, the best online display creative relies on sharp visuals, a clear headline and a clear call to action.


They attract the audience’s attention to a compelling image (or series of images) to drive a specific action, such as visiting a landing page, downloading a white paper or ordering a product. 


Here are some examples:


1. The clean, appealing Apple design has been extended to their display ads which mimic their product design.

2. Nintendo has used bold visuals with a combination of clear, concise text to send a message.

3. This brand has used captivating visuals accompanied by a creative but relevant copy to stop you right in your tracks and see what they have to offer.

4. The bright colours used by Air France draw attention while the message of the ad is conveyed clearly with no distracting statements or images.

Looking at these examples gives me the motivation to test out the world of display ads!


If you're feeling the same and want an expert to set everything up for you to maximise your results, have a quick chat with Aiman 





If you’re aiming to drive lots of traffic to your funnel in 2024, Facebook is highly likely to play a pivotal role in your plans.

That's good because, while I thought Facebook was on the decline, research suggests it often delivers the highest ROI among all social media networks.


So, if you want to make the most of Facebook ads this year, here are 3 areas that are going to get bigger and bigger:


1. Influencer marketing will continue to evolve and expand

Influencer marketing is undeniably effective.


84% of global consumers say they’d purchase a product based on influencer content.

On top of that, Facebook campaigns that combine regular ads and influencer ads are 85% more likely to drive users to add products to their shopping carts.

By partnering with the right influencer, you can instantly connect with a pre-built audience of highly engaged customers.


Not only that, but you can also rapidly build authority and credibility for your products by creating high-quality, authentic content.


Many people shy away from influencer campaigns because we assume we need to go for the big fish.


However, data shows that smaller influencers deliver higher engagement rates than mega-influencers across social channels, and 82% of consumers claim they’d follow recommendations given by micro-influencers.

2. AI-powered Facebook Messenger experiences will be adopted at scale

Artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing has been making waves in recent years. AI statistics show that over 80% of marketers and advertisers are already using AI tools. 

If you’re not incorporating AI into your Facebook strategy, you’re missing out on fantastic opportunities for customer engagement, chat support, and lead generation.


Chatbot stats show that chatbots are equipped to handle 70% of customer conversations, and 55% of businesses generate more sales when they utilise chatbot solutions.


Tools like ManyChat are relatively cheap, easy to set up, and can answer all of the questions and doubts your customers have with ease.


3. E-commerce will integrate even more closely with Facebook and Instagram

You've probably seen this already but social media is no longer just about content and communication.


Platforms like Facebook are becoming a direct getaway to online shopping, which is a game-changer for e-commerce brands.


Consumers want to enjoy convenient and fast shopping experiences, so Facebook has created mobile-first Facebook Shops and sales-focused Advantage+ campaigns to do just that.


It’s estimated that 37% of Facebook users made a purchase through the platform in 2023—and when you consider the scale of the Facebook audience, the opportunity for e-commerce brands becomes clear.


Again, if you want someone to walk you through this, set it up for you, or even do everything from targeting to ad design, all you have to do is have a chat with one of our marketing experts here and they can get everything moving for you with ease. 





You already know how important the copy you use is. Whether that's on a landing page, in an email, or an ad, many businesses succeed off the copy alone.


This week, Leandro Genovesi shared a few tips on how to increase your sales by improving your copywriting skills.


Here they are:


The basics

Let's start with the basics. Your writing should be:

  1. Clear: Read your copy out loud. Read it again and again. It must be easy to understand.
  2. Concise:Say what's necessary. Get rid of extra words.
  3. Aesthetic: Make it look nice. Keep an eye on emotional decision making.
  4. Brief: If it's not necessary, reduce your copy.

The ABCs of marketing

  1. User-centered content: Always center your users. The user is king; they must be your starting point.
  2. Emotional decision making: First, they buy with their heart, second with their brain, and third with their wallet.
  3. Show, don't tell: Build in public; actions hold more weight than words.

If you do these things, you'll have 80% of the work done. But, as the 80/20 rule suggests, it's only 20% of total revenue!

The other 20%

Now, let's explore the other 20% of the work (the secrets):

  1. The art of drawing attention: The more disruptive something is, the more attention it will get. Disruptiveness depends on the context, always. Use it wisely, as it can do more harm than good to brand image if used poorly.
  2. Short copy, long copy: Shorter copy will be seen more, but longer copy will earn you more sales. High entry barriers mean more long-term clients.
  3. Emotional connection through character flaws: People connect more for the bad than for the good. Use that to your advantage. Every unfavourable aspect that interacts with the hero of your story works.
  4. Social influences: Here, take into account aspirational, belonging, and influential groups that interact with your user. Consider the herd mentality. Ideas must be socially accepted. Keep this in mind when crafting your copy.

If however, you'd prefer an expert to write irresistible copy for you, check out all of the options available here. There's everything from copy for sales pages, to ads, to emails.





If you're going to hack a funnel, you probably want to hack a company that you know isn't going to leave anything to chance and has likely spent millions of dollars figuring out what works best.

This week's funnel is a great example of that.


Take a look through the funnel here and see how it's all laid out. Everything is clean, there's no clutter, and the messaging is simple.


One other thing that really hit home as I was looking through a whole bunch of funnels is that virtually every landing page has the product shown clearly, and it's the center of focus.

With info products, I've rarely found a way to do this but for some reason today it dawned on me how crucial it is.




 "If you confuse them, you lose them."

- Marketing axiom


That's it for this week my friend! Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next Friday.


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