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Rolodex Monthly Digest #8

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

Rolodex Monthly Digest #8

In this edition of the FR newsletter…

  1. BJ shares his best 18-word takeaway from his last month's business events
  2. We're spotlighting a 2x 2CC award winner who can help you build your next high-converting sales funnel
  3. I share the top three life-changing books the team is currently reading

Let’s dive right in.




As promised in last month's newsletter, I asked BJ to share one key takeaway from his June events.


He responded that amidst dozens of nuggets he picked, one quote he heard rings continually in his head. . .


"We are kept from our goals, not by obstacles, but by a clear path to a lesser goal" - Robert Brault


The quote above is pure gold. And while I can go ahead and expand it into a full-length piece, I'll allow you to make out an interpretation particular to your life and business.


So re-read the quote—slowly. And take a minute to reflect on its meaning. Who knows? You might have just discovered why you aren't hitting significant milestones in your business.



Tyler Jorgenson is a sales funnel expert and a two-time 2CC award winner. 


He takes out the guesswork from business owners' paths by helping them build high-converting sales funnels using his tested-and-trusted methods.


Want to discuss your funnel plans with a Clickfunnels-endorsed funnel expert?


Book a session with Tyler here.




Here are some insightful marketing blog posts you will find helpful:

  1. SEO Copywriting: 13 Tips to Create Great Content That Ranks
  2. Simple and Low-Cost Ways to Build a Memorable Brand Identity
  3. 13 Ways Marketing Visuals Can Unlock Results Everywhere (Email, SEO, PR, Social and Lead Generation)




Lee began the month with exciting moments with his friends as he joined about 300,000 other people to party at the “Let Freedom Sing!” Music City July 4th event in Downtown Nashville.


The event was the largest fireworks show in Nashville history, with the pyrotechnics synchronized to a live performance by the GRAMMY-winning Nashville Symphony.

Lee definitely had a fun time, as he shared that…


He ate a lot of burgers, consumed a lot of Bud Light, and had the opportunity to watch the country band 'Old Dominion' play.

In addition to creating beautiful moments, the team has also been reading books.


Here are the top three that some of the team members have been reading lately: 

  1. The Cold Start Problem - Andrew Chen 
  2. Can't Hurt Me - David Goggins
  3. The Psychology of Money - Morgan Housel

Have you read any (or all) of these books? Kindly share some of your favorite quotes or things you learned here. I'll pick and feature a few responses in the next newsletter.


Until next time,


Favour Abalogu

Head of Content



Quote of the month: "Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won't work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again." — Amrita Sahasrabudhe