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FBM Digest #76: Alex Hormozi's funnel secret, Meta video ads, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #76: Alex Hormozi's funnel secret, Meta video ads, and more...

It may be only 10 days until Christmas, but you still need some sales and marketing nuggets to help ensure 2024 gets off to a great start.


Here are the nuggets I've uncovered for you this week...


What ads are you running at the moment?


Certified funnel builder and Facebook/Meta/Instagram ad expert Koen De Wit dropped some gold this week explaining exactly why you need to be using video ads...

"There are several important reasons why you should run Video Ads on Facebook and Instagram vs other ad types:



Unlike conversions or actions that happen on Facebook (remember iOS14 ), all the data of how users interact with your videos, how long they watch, engage, etc. is all 100% trackable for Facebook.


Audience creation

That makes videos the best tool to set up your lookalike audiences and of course for retargeting.


You can retarget everyone who watched your videos and make lookalike audiences of your longest viewers. This makes it easy to build up healthy and accurate audiences to get better, and cheaper conversions over time.


Capturing attention

Dynamic video ads and eye-catching visuals cut through the noise and grab viewers' attention.


Increased engagement rates

Studies show video ads generate significantly higher engagement than other ad formats, leading to more clicks and conversions.


Improved brand recall

Video ads are more memorable than static ads. They leave a lasting impression on viewers and boost brand awareness.


Your wallet will also love it! Video ads are cheaper to run so you will get more out of your ad budget too."


If you want Koen to help strategise the best video ads for your business and also ensure all of those extra leads are landing on a finely-tuned, high-converting funnel, check out Koen's profile and send him a message here.


I've mentioned the Apple 'Shot on iPhone' marketing campaign previously but what I learned this week was that there was more to this campaign than I previously realised...

Apple’s brand identity consists of innovation, aspirations, and imagination which is why the Shot on iPhone campaign worked so well.


What I didn't know was that when they first launched the campaign, Apple encouraged users to post photos they had shot on their iPhones as part of a contest.


They offered participants the chance for their photos to be featured on one of 10,000 billboards across the world.

So, what started as a cool marketing idea (iPhones take great photos) became a viral sensation AND it was all user-generated content.


Meaning they were supplied with free ad content that was more diverse and creative than they could ever have created on their own.

Apple used Instagram to keep the #ShotOniPhone momentum going as sort of an organic advertising campaign.


It worked well... The hashtag #ShotOniPhone has over 29 million entries on Instagram alone. 

This is such a clever marketing campaign and something you could surely implement too. Think about a contest you can run that would encourage your customers to generate content for you that showcases a unique selling point of your product or service. 


When you're starting out, getting your first 100 users can feel like a constant uphill struggle.


However, once you hit 100, the next 100 come far easier, and the next 100, and so on.


Luckily, Alexander Isora shared these great tips for racing through those first 100 so you pick up a head of steam very quickly. Here they are:

"Hitting your first 100 users is one of the hardest milestones to reach. I gathered the tactics of notable companies to bring you a list of concrete actions to take in order to get there!

Mass follow people on X

This tactic helped kickstart the analytics tool, Mixpanel.

Suhail wrote an X script to follow a person's followers and acquired hundreds of customers that way.

Start with an email newsletter

10 years ago, Ryan Hoover began sending a daily email newsletter listing interesting startups that he'd found.

Soon, he'd built a list of 170 highly engaged people. This is how he came up with the idea to build a product, so he launched Product Hunt. With the help of this small initial audience, his new website quickly took off.

The Collinson Installation

Put your product in people's hands, literally. Paul Graham writes:

"When anyone agreed to try Stripe, we would say right then, "Give me your laptop!" And [we] set them up on the spot."

Product forums

Zapier's CEO used to go to the product forums of companies like Dropbox, Salesforce, and Evernote, and find posts asking for integrations. Then, he offered his solution.

Targeted outreach is the way to go. You don't need a thousand customers to get started. You just need the right 10.

Direct sales

Perform diligent research before reaching out to a potential client, in order to craft a relevant offer.

Nathan Barry, founder of ConvertKit, recommends addressing their biggest objection in your offer, and making it as easy as possible for them to switch.

Keyword in domain name

DoorDash launched a landing page to validate the need for speedy food delivery.

They decided to target people from Palo Alto who were Googling "food delivery." They chose the domain name to appear in the top search positions in Google for the keywords "Palo Alto delivery." So, the keyword is actually the domain name. And, it worked!"

Decide which of these works best for you and spend some time focusing purely on that avenue. You'll find 100 of your ideal sellers very quickly and from there, the sky's the limit.


If you have a high ticket offer, this funnel could help you organically generate a constant flow of leads...


You're probably familiar with Alex Hormozi's work. He does a great job of generating a buzz on social media with free content. He then sends these people to either his books (which are very cheap) or to his courses (which are free).


The purpose of giving this content away for free is to get his high-ticket offer in front of as many people as possible.


The courses will attract the right kind of people into his world and then, as you'll see on the landing page, it's very clear how the right people can take the next step.

Check out the landing page for his courses here.


If you have a high-ticket offer, could you create something like this to get people into your funnel?




"Growth and comfort do not coexist."

– Ginni Rometty

That wraps up another newsletter. There are only 2 more newsletters left for 2023 so I'll get to work making sure they're good!


Have a great weekend,


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