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Newsletter #7: Warning Signs, Danger, and Perfect Timing

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

Newsletter #7: Warning Signs, Danger, and Perfect Timing

Let’s talk.


Are you still awaiting a perfect time to take certain critical steps in your life and business?

It's time for a change of perspective. Alongside other exciting stuff, today's newsletter exposes the dangers of waiting for an illusory "perfect time" before taking action. It’s a long ride ahead. Fasten your seat belts! 



March 2014 was the date. It was when Ebola resurfaced in West Africa (after it hid since 1976).


Sadly, the world wasn't prepared. 


So events quickly turned chaotic. And what started as one case eventually escalated into an epidemic.


The battle got fiercer. Some warriors fell. Others survived. However, after a long struggle, the world triumphed—and the virus, the villain, was banished forever.


At this point, the world felt it was all over. As a result, we all lowered our guard. However, we didn't realize we were about to make an extremely costly mistake.


After a short while, warnings started rolling in. Experts worldwide predicted the likelihood of another outbreak and laid out actionable steps the world could take immediately—to be prepared ahead of time. 


However, no one listened. Or, let's say we heard… but didn't take many actions. 


A few years later, a new villain surfaced. And, like in 2014, we weren't still ready.

The new villain struck the world with a powerful punch. And to date, we are still recovering—slowly but steadily.


Now, let's be sincere here:


Did the world take action to stop the new villain? Yes, we did.


Could we have guarded ourselves earlier by acting sooner? Of course.


Agreed! We probably didn't act swiftly in tackling the villains. However, today is another chance for us to choose whether to act quickly (in our life and business) or to still wait for a "perfect time."


We are halfway through 2022. And, it's likely that six months ago or thereabout, you laid out some things you planned to do before the end of the year—that'd transform your life and business for good.


Chances are you planned to…

  1. Explore and create extra income streams 
  2. Scale up your business by hiring more freelancers
  3. Build your first (or next) sales funnel in ClickFunnels
  4. Create your first (or next) e-course
  5. Build your Dream 100 list and start building relationships, etc.

Now, the big question is:


Have you taken any action towards achieving these goals?


If you haven't… What's holding you back?




We have only a few days left to step into the second half of 2022.


So, get off the fence. There won't be a perfect time. In fact, as it stands, time is not on your side anymore!




Here are some insightful pieces you should check out today:

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Every seasoned fisherman knows it.


If you want a big catch, you must grab the right fishing hook.

Use a hook that's too large, and then no fish would attempt getting a bite.  Conversely, throw in a little hook, and you might lose it in a big fish's belly! 

But don't get it twisted…


Hooks aren't only vital in fishing. They also play a significant role in marketing.


Similar to fishing, marketers (including Funnel Hackers) need to employ the right hook in their marketing campaigns to capture the attention of their target leads.

Pair an intriguing STORY and an enticing OFFER with a weak HOOK, and you'll watch potential customers click away in under 3 seconds. 

Yeah. I hear you!


Generating a perfect hook takes time. And, more often than not, the process requires some expertise—which you possibly lack.


This is where Rezwan comes in.

Rezwan (aka Ryan) is a seasoned copywriter (with over ten years of experience) who helps Funnel Hackers generate irresistible hooks and write high-converting copy for their marketing campaigns.

Need some customer-centered, catchy headlines (aka hooks) to throw into your sales copy? 

Get in touch with Ryan.

Quick note:

We’ve started gathering customers’ positive stories and will start featuring them in upcoming newsletters and blog posts. Want to earn a shoutout (for free) in one of our publications? 

Fill out this form and let us know some wins you recorded in your business after hiring a freelancer from the marketplace.




Here's what the behind-the-scenes events at Funnel Rolodex look like:


We've got a lot of projects in the works. So our team comprises super busy professionals showing up at work every day with their A-game.

But, while we do amazing work-related stuff, we also have many exciting things going on in our personal lives. Ensure that you don't miss any of our newsletters going forward. Because starting today, we'll be sharing some exclusive behind-the-scenes moments with you all. (You'll love this section for sure. Trust me!)


Here's what's been happening lately…


Our dev team has been building and testing dozens of new designs and features—that'll be deployed to the marketplace soon.


(Spoiler alert: The marketplace will get a major upgrade very soon. And it's going to be HUGE!)


Also, we are working on making our onboarding process 10X better. And Lee, the Community Manager, is helping out with this. So, among other things, Lee will be recording a series of videos over the next few weeks to help new users easily find their way around the marketplace. 


On the other hand, Funnel Rolodex's Co-founder (BJ) has been connecting with like-minded business owners through industry events. 


Two main events on BJ's calendar for June were ClickFunnels' Unlock The Secrets conference (held two weeks ago) and Convertkit's Craft + Commerce marketing meetup (held last week).

(A beautiful photo of BJ and his 13-year-old daughter at the Unlock The Secrets event.)


Want some nuggets from BJ's June events? Don't miss next month's newsletter. I'll be sharing some premium information from BJ's notebook!




You've waited long enough. Now it's time to take action.


Have you long planned to hire a professional freelancer, offer a new service, or build your first (or next) funnel? Make a move today—before the month ends.


Believe it or not...


You're ready. 


You're set. 


And now, it's time to GO!

Until next time,


Favour Abalogu

Head of Content



 Have you ever faced any consequences (in your life or business) for not taking action earlier? Tell us about your experience. Who knows? We could feature you in one of the future editions of the newsletter.



 Quote of the month: "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." – Maya Angelou