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FBM Digest #68: SEO tips, Reddit ad tips, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #68: SEO tips, Reddit ad tips, and more...

It's that time again! Here are 5 of the best sales and marketing tips I've come across this week...



Last Friday, digital marketing expert Dan Mennear and I hosted a webinar all about SEO for ClickFunnels.


Dan shared some serious gold. Whether you know your SEO or its new to you, I would recommend watching the replay on YouTube here.


A few of my favourite takeaways were:

Building some form of presence that's picked up by search engines will improve your conversion rates noticeably:

Most people, after seeing your offer will open a new tab and search for you or your business name in Google. If they don’t find you they will wonder if you are really a genuine business.

Find out if your site has been indexed:

Following on from that, if you want to know if your pages are appearing on Google, go here, add your domain information, and it will tell you if you have been indexed.

Once you've found out if you're indexed, you'll want to find out what keywords you are already ranking for:

The Moz Explorer here will show you all of the keywords your site is currently ranking for and give you ideas for what keywords you should start focusing on. 

For bonus points:

Create a Google Business Profile &
Apple Business Connect. These will boost your credibility in Google and Apple's eyes and hopefully lead to better rankings.


If you want more traffic to your funnel, whether through SEO, social media, or paid ads, Dan's the man you need to speak to. Check out his profile and send him a message here.


I found this post during the week that broke down one of the most upvoted ads ever posted on Reddit and why it worked...

If you're interested in seeing a deeper dive into this ad, you can find that here.


...It dawned on me while reading this that if you're the attractive character in your business, your communication needs to feel like it's coming directly from you, directly to the reader/viewer.


This is why I think this ad did so well. It's a genuine conversation, not the typical over-hyped ad, filled with words no one says in real life.


Think about it, when writing an email to your list, do you want the reader to think it has come directly from you to them or do you want them to think it's a generic marketing email trying to persuade them to take action?


If you prefer personalised emails, your audience probably will too. So, next time you're writing one, pretend you're talking in person to one of your customers and type out what you would say and how you would say it. I expect you'll develop more of a connection with them.




Mac Martine posted something very interesting this week. The title of the piece is 'When is it time to throw in the towel?'


Let me know what you think...

"As founders, many of us come to a point where we have to make the decision to:

  1. Keep going on the same path.
  2. Pivot.
  3. Find a different target audience.
  4. Move on from a product altogether.

How do you know if it's time to call it quits?

The friction spectrum

Each project we take on has some level of friction, but ultimately, it should be an amount of friction that we are able to overcome.

It’s the difference between rolling down a flat hill versus trudging up a steep road. Is it such a tough road that you can't sustain the energy needed to keep going?

Be honest about your effort

A common trap that entrepreneurs fall into is abandoning a project when they should actually be going out of their comfort zone.

For example, online coaches have a tendency to get stuck in perfection, tricking themselves into thinking that more features are going to move the needle when they haven’t even been getting in front of customers.

Before moving on, be honest with yourself about the effort you’ve put into it.

Be open to change

You should always believe in your idea but don't be married to it.

Be open to adapting as you learn more about your customers’ needs. Does your target audience consider your solution to be valuable? If not, it may be time to pivot or close.

Make a decision

Oftentimes, we are swayed by the sunk cost fallacy and stick with something longer than we should just because we’ve already put time into it.

Although you should be careful and deliberate before making a decision, eventually, you will need to act.

As a founder, the weight of all decisions falls on you. The good news is that, through honesty and well-developed intuition, you’ll get better and quicker at making these judgment calls. Spinning your wheels gets you nowhere."


The funnel this week is a free challenge funnel from our very own Marchello Sciortino.


Have a look at the funnel here and let me know what you would split test and what you really like about it.


Then, if you want to discuss what Marchello can build for you, reach out to him here.



“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.”

– Seth Godin

Have a great weekend,


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