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FBM Digest #66: Webinar funnels, big five personalities, and much more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #66: Webinar funnels, big five personalities, and much more...

We're almost back to normality! Getting to meet some of our experts and community members in person at FHL was amazing. 


As I mentioned in the email on Wednesday, several of our experts were giving special offers to customers and have said they're happy to offer them to you too.


All you have to do is fill in your info here and I'll connect you.


The offer ends Sunday but I've been super slow connecting everyone. So, as long as you have entered your info in that form by then, you'll get the special offer.

On top of that... One of James Hughes' clients has had a lot of success with a linchpin funnel James built for them. He's hosting a Zoom webinar today to go through exactly how the funnel is built, the framework, emails, optimizations, everything.

If you'd like to see that live, it's at 11 am central US time/5 pm UK time today. You can register for that here.


Once you've done those, head back over here and let's get into this week's gold...



Koen De Wit is one of our certified funnel builders trained by Russell and ClickFunnels.


He's a very good funnel builder. He's especially good at increasing page conversion rates and writing copy that is persuasive and interesting. I recommend him all the time.


He sent over some gold this week that I think you'll get a lot from:


"4 things I learned from working on and improving a 2CC WINNING webinar funnel:


1. They aren’t born perfect

You don’t start building and hit the jackpot on your first try. I have access to the client's full account and see all the variations of the past.


Funnels evolve after testing, tweaking and fine-tuning. The first one almost never makes it into the illustrious club.

2. They are ugly

The first iteration was, plainly speaking, butt ugly. Don’t waste time to create the most perfect visually appealing masterpiece. Just launch and test!


I’ve seen Google Doc funnels (yep just a link to a Google doc) and guess what… If you NAIL the message, it WILL convert, no matter the format, the color, the bells or the whistles.

But you have to launch to find out, and test.

3. They are simple

Don’t overcomplicate. I’ve seen people come up with all sorts of machinations that don’t matter in conversions. Maybe it gives a good feeling, strokes the ego and satisfies you being busy for hours thinking that hard work pays of…

Nope, nothing trumps YOU solving a REAL problem for someone with your solution. Solve their biggest pain, deliver HOPE and present an offer that is so good they feel stupid not getting it. If you have that, you can build that funnel out in 30 minutes or 6 hours. If it converts, it will convert, so why waste another 5 1/2 hours of your time building?

Spend that time on testing.

4. At some point they plateau

And this is where I come in for this client. This funnel can’t break much over $1 mil USD, it hovers around there for the past 18+ months.

Things change, trends change, more competitors enter the market, so funnels need to get a kick up the [bleep] once in a whole.

Don’t chase a new shiny thing, there is no need to break it all down (what most THINK they have to do). But revamp some of the copy, reposition certain sections, add more social proof, tweak the Big Idea and Unique Mechanism… and boom, it flies again and breaks through the previous impenetrable ceiling…

Don’t reinvent the wheel, don’t break what works, don’t get sucked into shiny object…

Launch, test, tweak, revamp… This Is The Way…."


Koen is one of the experts at FHL offering special prices, so if you'd like to connect with him and chat, add your name to the list here and mention him so I'll know to connect you.




I was browsing the web this week and came across an interesting concept called the Big Five Personality Traits (or the Five-Factor Model (FFM)).


You know as well as anyone that the best marketing is specific to the person you're marketing to.


These personality traits are supposed to give you insights into the type of experiences these people look for and the messaging that most resonate with them.


Here are the 5:


1. Openness to Experience

Individuals high in Openness are often adventurous, curious, and appreciative of art and new experiences. They thrive on exploration and intellectual engagement.

Messaging that resonates:

To captivate this audience, messages should spark curiosity or offer a fresh perspective. Employing creativity, showcasing innovation, and inviting exploration can make your marketing message resonate with this group. Taglines like "Dive into the Unknown" or "Ignite Your Imagination" can be compelling.

2. Conscientiousness

Conscientious individuals are organized, reliable, and prefer planned rather than spontaneous behavior. They appreciate efficiency, order, and value long-term goals.

Messaging Strategy:Messages that highlight reliability, efficiency, or the practical benefits of a product or service can appeal to conscientious consumers. Emphasize how your offering can streamline tasks, enhance productivity, or contribute to long-term goals. Taglines such as "Built to Last" or "Your Path to Efficiency" can be effective.

3. Extraversion

Extraverts are sociable, lively, and enjoy engaging with the outside world. They are often energized by interactions with others and are typically optimistic and fun-loving.

Messaging Strategy:

Engage extraverts with energetic and optimistic messaging that highlights social interaction or community engagement. Invitations to social events or collaborative activities can also be enticing. Taglines like "Connect and Celebrate" or "Fuel Your Social Spirit" can resonate well.

4. Agreeableness

Agreeable individuals are compassionate, cooperative, and value harmonious relationships. They are generally considerate, friendly, and willing to help others.

Messaging Strategy:

Messages that emphasize community, cooperation, or the positive impact one can make through a purchase can appeal to agreeable individuals. Highlighting testimonials or creating campaigns around social good can also be effective. Taglines such as "Together for a Better World" or "Join the Movement of Good" can evoke a positive response.

5. Neuroticism

Individuals with high levels of Neuroticism are often sensitive to stress and may experience mood swings, anxiety, or irritability.

Messaging Strategy:

Marketing messages for this group should exude reassurance, tranquility, and solutions to alleviate concerns. Emphasizing the safety, reliability, or calming nature of your product can be comforting. Taglines like "Peace of Mind, Delivered" or "Your Shield in a Stressful World" can be reassuring.


As you read the list, one or two might have stood out as your typical or ideal customer. If so, test marketing messages (and landing page messaging) directed specifically at these people.


If none of them stood out, you could create 5 marketing campaigns, each focusing on one specific trait. This will show you which trait is most interested in your product or service so you can shift your marketing to suit these people.


I'm not sure if you're in the ClickFunnels Facebook group or familiar with Funnel Hacker TV but, they did a full recap of Funnel Hacking Live this week. They share some great insights from the week so I fully recommend watching:

Watch the recap here (you need to be a member of the group to access).


Jared Judge is one of our certified funnel builders who designs such great funnels. He sent me his latest funnel to share with you this week.

The sales page is converting at around 23%, and the order form is converting at 14% with a 23% take rate on the order bump.


Here's the funnel.


There is a lot of great stuff to hack from this funnel. The design is great and the offer is irresistible to his market.



“As marketers, we should be changing the mantra from always be closing to always be helping.”

– Jonathan Lister

Have a great weekend,


Seth, BJ, and I at our