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FBM Digest #65: A YouTube trick, marketing tips from a former senator, and much more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #65: A YouTube trick, marketing tips from a former senator, and much more...

It has been such a busy week here at FHL! We've got a great group of funnel experts with us and our booth is right on the Walk of Fame so it's been brilliant. 


While Eric Thomas is on stage sharing some gold, I found the time to jot down a few nuggets just for you. There will be plenty more coming your way next week but until then, here are a few to think about...




James Hughes is here with us at the booth this week and said a surprisingly high number of people with successful businesses ask him if they should become funnel builders.


When you see it in writing, the idea of having a successful business and then taking time away from that to learn how to build funnels doesn't really make much sense.


Building a funnel is an art. You're basically learning to become an expert in web design. 


I hear from business owners all the time who decide to build their own funnel but a year later still haven't launched it.


James' tip is to get on a call with a funnel builder or two and see if having them build your funnel is actually far more valuable to you than building it yourself.


You can reach out to all of our funnel builders and get on a call completely free. Tell them about your business and your goals. Ask them how long it would take for them to build something amazing for you and how much it would cost.


Imagine the difference between having an expert-built funnel generating sales in 3 weeks vs working away for a year on something you're never really happy with.


You can send James a message here to arrange a time to chat or browse the marketplace for someone who has exactly what you think you need.


I think you'll be surprised by what you can have built in such a short time.




Bill Wright was a state senator for Utah and came to the booth to share some marketing gold.


Being successful in politics obviously requires you to be an expert in marketing yourself so we asked Bill if he had any secrets he could share.


The number one thing he said you need is to build your customer's confidence in you.


A large part of that is defining what you stand for and what you believe in and sharing these things with your customers.


A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs only share the positive stuff because they don't want to upset anyone. However, you need to share the stuff you don't agree with, the things that annoy you, so that your customers know what you stand for.


You'll lose some people, but you'll increase your relationship with others considerably. These people will relate to you and trust you more.


If you then stay true to these beliefs and continue to speak and act from those values, you will develop an incredibly strong following of people who can't wait to consume your content and buy your products.


Keep sharing all the good stuff but think about sharing things you don't like too. It'll be scary at first but it will invigorate your people.


If you're looking to grow your audience on YouTube, this is for you...


Cathy Yoder (one of the most followed air fryer experts on YouTube) was one of the speakers here at FHL yesterday and shared tips that helped her explode her YouTube following.


One of the insights I'd never heard anyone share was to create a dummy account and watch the YouTube videos your market would watch.


This idea is genius because what happens is after a while YouTube will start recommending videos to you...


These are the videos you should create!


YouTube is basically showing you exactly the type of content it thinks your audience should see.


So, if you're the one creating that content, there's a good chance yours will be the one it recommends.


Speaking of Cathy... She just created a funnel hub that has links to everything she has been building over the past few years.


If you're considering building a funnel hub for yourself this is a good example to follow (she also has a link to a guide that has all of her YouTube tips):


Here's the funnel.



“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

- John Quincy Adams

Have a great weekend,


Eric Thomas, rocking