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FBM Digest #64: TikTok ads, copywriting money words, and much more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #64: TikTok ads, copywriting money words, and much more...

Funnel Hacking Live is almost upon us and we're heading back to Florida on Tuesday to get set up.


We have our very own Funnel Builder Marketplace booth in amongst the action so if you're attending this year, stop by and say hi.


Until then, here are 5 golden nuggets to take your business to the next level:




With TikTok launching its own online marketplace, TikTok Shop, and funding heavy discounts for the holiday shopping season, the opportunities for those who know how to run TikTok ads are huge.


Luckily, marketing expert Aiman dropped by to give 3 proven techniques for ultra-effective TikTok ad targeting. Here they are:


1. Combine interest and behavior targeting

TikTok attracts over 830 million monthly active users. This means that you need to tighten up your TikTok ad targeting as much as possible to avoid your ads getting sent to people who aren't interested.

This is where you need to use interest and behavior targeting.

Interest targeting allows you to target users based on their long-term interests and passions. You can target audiences based on broad interest categories and sub-categories (e.g. gaming, food, finance).

Behavior targeting allows you to reach users based on recent actions, such as commenting on a specific profile or sharing a particular type of video content.

For instance, if you’re a brand selling gym clothes, you could target interest categories such as ‘Apparel & Accessories’ and ‘Sports & Outdoors’. If you also target users who have liked videos from well-known gym brands, there’s a good chance that they’ll be open to your messaging.

Although these are relatively broad targeting tactics, the TikTok algorithm will be able to identify the best-performing segments within these groups, meaning you can effectively optimize your ads over time to maximize conversions. 

2. Harness Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences are one of the most powerful tools available to advertisers on TikTok.

Basically, Custom Audiences allow you to target users who have already interacted with your brand in some way. These audiences are aware of your business, so you can focus on more action-led messaging to drive performance.

There are several different types of Custom Audiences available on TikTok:

  1. Customer File: Upload your customer data to match and target them directly on TikTok.
  2. Engagement: Retarget users who have previously engaged with your video ads.
  3. App Activity: Retarget users who have completed a specific action within your app.
  4. Lead Generation: Retarget users who have engaged with your lead gen ads on TikTok.
  5. Website Traffic: Retarget users who have visited (or taken a specific action on) your website.

3. Increase results with lookalike audiences

Lookalike Audiences allow you to effectively extend the reach of your Custom Audiences by identifying similar users.

If, for example, you have a list of people who have bought from you recently, you can upload that list to TikTok and create an audience of people who are very similar. 


Whereas your buyers list might have 100 people on it, the lookalike can find 1M people who are very similar.


You can use TikTok Lookalike Audiences in a couple of different ways to drive performance:

  1. At the beginning of a new campaign, launching Lookalikes helps the TikTok algorithm collect audience insights and optimize ads faster.
  2. If campaign performance is beginning to slow down, you can use Lookalikes to stretch out ad delivery and deliver additional impressions.


A combination of all 3 tips will put you miles ahead of the competition and ensure you're in the perfect position to ride the wave of TikTok's new store.


If you're already using TikTok ads, let me know, I'd be interested to hear how they're working out for you.


If you want to capitalize on this new opportunity asap, send Aiman a message and he'll make sure you don't miss out.




While searching for gold this week, I came across a fantastic post by Copyhacks founder, Joanna Wiebe.


If you're a fan of copywriting like myself, I would recommend reading the post here. Otherwise, I've broken down the key points of the article below.


The article is all about money words. Words in your ads and on your sales pages that impact conversion rates in a big way. Here they are:



Which of these two Google ads got a 47% higher click-thru rate?

Ad A: [Brand name] succeeds for 87% of clients

Ad B: 87% of clients succeed with [Brand name] 

If you answered Ad B, you’re right. But, why?

Because of a trick copywriters have been practicing for ages...


In order to positively impact persuasion, you must make the consumer the grammatical subject of a sentence. 

Study after study proves it. When you lead with the brand name rather than the user you get poor results. 

People are filtering 5000+ messages a day, and we’re doing so by looking for signals of relevance. 

Consider how your head swivels when someone says your name in a noisy room.


Therefore, personalized ads perform better.


To achieve true personalization, we’d ideally use our prospect’s name. But in the absence of having a person’s name, we need a substitute.


That's where we use "You".


“You” tells the prospect that the copy they’re reading is about them, without actually using their name. 


To turn it into a money word, rewrite every sentence on your website to begin with 'you' or a variation of it, such as 'your'.


For example, turn this:


"MacBook Pro lets creativity shine."

Into this:

"Your creativity shines with MacBook Pro."


And your conversion rates should rise noticeably.



“Buy one, get one” promotions make up more than 80% of all promotions in UK supermarkets, while you’ve never seen a “Buy two, don’t pay for one” sign in a window. 


In study after study, offer headlines with the word "Get" in them outperformed practically every other headline.


Consider these two headlines:

Option 1: Mobile Audience Insights & Analytics


Option 2: Get Mobile Audience Insights & Analytics


Take a second to notice the image that appears in your head when you read each of these statements. 


Decisions are driven by emotions. Emotions are driven by images. 


Similar to the You money word, option 1 creates an image of something that exists separately from you, and option 2 creates an image in which you are receiving something.



Which of these is more likely to get the conversion?

Option A: Pay $15 a month for your all-access membership.

Option B: Get your all-access membership for $15 a month.

Option B is the better bet. Not only because it leads with two known money words. But also because it does not include the word “pay”.

When the word “pay” appears on the screen, it introduces anxiety that my asset pool is about to be depleted.



The word “and” shows up everywhere. It’s small and functional, so it seems to be friendly. But here’s the thing: “and” only appears in a sentence to join more than one thought together.


However, our brains don’t enjoy trying to suspend a bunch of thoughts in the air as we seek meaning or try to decide.


Read these two headlines:


Option A: Maximize team productivity with the world's fastest shared inbox.


Option B: Maximize team productivity, decision-making and efficiency with the world's fastest shared inbox.


If you close your eyes, count to 10 and try to remember the key points in option B, it's far more difficult than doing the same for option A.

Joanna follows this rule of thumb:

"Every time you use the word “and,” you lose a conversion."


Avoid cramming a bunch of messages into your headline like most newbie copywriters. Or into any of your copy. Because the job of each line is to move the reader to the next line.


You can still include all the messages you want on a page. Just do it in individual sentences that spend more time bringing a message to life.


Make these changes to your page copy and your conversions should increase.


Or should I say, your conversions should increase if you make these changes.


Again, there's a lot of work involved here so if you'd rather get great results in far less time, I'd recommend sending a message to copywriting expert George. He'll work some magic for you.


I'm sure you, like most of our audience, are a business owner/entrepreneur but in case you're more of a content creator or influencer, I wanted to include this gold from Thomas Griffin.


Here are seven options for making money as a content creator:


"Content creation can be a marketing tool and a way to earn money to support your business. Here's how to make your content work for you!

Online courses

If you create content around a certain topic, why not create an online course and offer special educational material to your audience?

Brand partnerships

You can generate stable revenue from brand deals and partnerships.

This is a win-win for both brands and content creators. Brands get to convey their message to the masses, and content creators generate revenue by promoting the solutions offered by their partners.


It's reported that 48% of consumers don't mind paying a subscription fee to access members-only content from their favorite creators.

Give your audience access to your exclusive content for a charge. You can paywall your content either by leveraging platforms that allow you to welcome paid subscriptions, or by creating a membership site.

Selling merch

People like to support their favorite founders and creators. Offering merch can be a fun way to keep your audience engaged.

Launching your merchandise is fairly easy. Just look for third-party vendors who can help you launch branded products.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is on the rise, as indie hackers and large companies actively onboard influencers who can reach their target audiences.

It's reported that 72% of consumers make buying decisions based on the reviews and recommendations they see online. A well thought out affiliate program can open up great opportunities for founders and content creators.

Ad revenue

Leverage your platform of choice to monetize your content and generate revenue through ads. Also consider Google AdSense to grow your income by displaying ads on your website.

If your website attracts a significant number of visitors each month, advertisers may also reach out to you and provide you with an opportunity to earn money through direct advertising.

Tips and donations

There are a variety of platforms, like Twitch and YouTube, that allow you to stream your content live and accept tips from your viewers in the process.

You can also consider creating an account on Patreon or Ko-fi, and start receiving donations from your followers right away."


The funnel this week is by a gentleman who has taken the Funnel Builder community by storm.

He has been a very close runner-up in both of the Certified Funnel Builder Design-A-Thon competitions and is proving to be very popular here on the marketplace too.


Checkout this funnel by Marchello Sciortino here and if you would like Marchello to build a funnel for you, send him a message here and tell him about your project.



“Do not address your readers as though they were gathered together in a stadium. When people read your copy, they are alone. Pretend you are writing to each of them a letter on behalf of your client.”

- David Ogilvy

Have a great weekend,


  FHL here we come!