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FBM Digest #62: Linchpin funnel FAQ, hard hitting marketing messages, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #62: Linchpin funnel FAQ, hard hitting marketing messages, and more...

I can't believe FHL is only 2.5 weeks away! It's seems like only yesterday we were there using Snickers bars and mints as lead magnets. 


If you're heading to FHL this year, drop me a message or be sure to come say hi at the Funnel Builder Marketplace booth. We've got some cool competitions planned for this year!

Until then, here are a few nuggets I found for you this week...




I'm sure if you've been around the ClickFunnels world recently you have heard talk about the linchpin model. Lots of businesses are having huge success with it but tbh I haven't always fully understood what the linchpin is or how it works.


So, I reached out to ClickFunnels Linchpin expert, James Curran to get some answers, and he made it all crystal clear! This is going in the ClickFunnels newsletter on Monday but I wanted to send it to you here to make sure you got it.


Here you go...

What is Linchpin?

Linchpin is a shifting of focus from promotions (get paid once) to continuity (get paid regularly) as the most important part of your business.

You sell your continuity as part of a MIFGE (Most Incredible Free Gift Ever) offer.

The MIFGE offer is an amazing offer that your customers feel compelled to take in order to try your continuity.

This is usually sold via a VSL (Video Sales Letter) funnel.

You still do promotions, but they're called Dramatic Demonstrations and their purpose is to sell your continuity.

Also, you take back end revenue from them and put them into paid traffic to your MIFGE funnel.

Over time your recurring revenue stacks and compounds.

What is a MIFGE?

A MIFGE is a highly enticing offer. One so good that anyone on the fence will go for it.

In fact, it's really intended to do just that.

If your prospect is about 70% convinced that they want to try your continuity, the MIFGE gives them the extra 30% push to go for it.


Think of it in those terms.

So, what can it include? Anything!

100% physical goods, 100% digital goods or any combination of the two.

It can be a bunch of stuff or as simple as a free trial to your continuity. That' an incredible gift!

Want a MIFGE Pro Tip?

Put something in your MIFGE offer that can't be obtained anywhere else. The scarcity pull is one of the strongest and your dream clients are bound to say yes!

Check the Magnetic Marketing Diamond Upgrade for a fantastic example.

Does the MIFGE have to be free?

Nope. You can charge whatever you want! Just make sure the perceived value is way more than the price, at least 10x.

What is Continuity?

Wikipedia defines a continuity program as, "a company’s sales offer where a buyer/consumer is agreeing to receive merchandise or services automatically at regular intervals (often monthly), without advance notice, until they cancel."

Here are some familiar examples:

Subscription Boxes: HelloFresh, KiwiCo

Digital Content Subscription: Netflix, Hulu, Spotify

Membership Websites: 2CCX, Beachbody On Demand

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): Canva Pro, Slack, ClickFunnels

What is a Membership Success Path?

A Membership Success Path is the through line for your membership site. You take your customer on a journey from where they are to where they want to be in 3-7 stages of development.


Each stage consists of action steps that, when taken, result in the completion of a milestone. Each Stage's Milestone is a concrete, unambiguous, easy to quantify, "I either did it or I didn't" accomplishment that's required to move on to the next Stage.

What kind of funnel does Linchpin use?

The MIFGE offer itself is typically sold through a VSL funnel. See and for examples. You'll also need a simple Early Bird funnel for your launch.

How do you launch your Linchpin MIFGE Offer?

Follow the Internal Pressure Launch from the Linchpin book. In short, it's as follows:

  1. 3 weeks out, update your social profiles with links to your Early Bird funnel and look for groups with 100k members each.
  2. 2 weeks out, pour value into each of the groups without asking for anything in return. Don't stop doing this until you're so busy you can't keep up with demand.
  3. 1 week out create posts that use curiosity and FOMO to get people on your Early Bird list, then close the list.
  4. Launch Week - Launch first to your Early Bird list then shout it from the rooftops on all channels!


What is a Dramatic Demonstration?

Dramatic Demonstrations are the loud, whiz bang, on-camera events that you host to solve a problem quickly for your dream client, build desire and invite them to join your Continuity.

Here's how to make one:

  1. Choose a DD Type: Webinar or Challenge
  2. Build the appropriate funnel
  3. Put the MIFGE trial on your registration TY page
  4. Fill the funnel with prospects
  5. Deliver the Dramatic Demonstration over 90 minutes or 5 days depending on the DD type
  6. Make a Grand Slam offer that includes 6 or 12 months of your continuity and a whole bunch of other stuff
  7. Take all the money your earned from back end sales and use it to drive traffic to your MIFGE offer

Refer to the Linchpin Book for specific frameworks for delivering a challenge or webinar.

How many levels of Linchpin Continuity are there?

There are 3.

Level 1 is a mostly DIY offering sold by your MIFGE funnel and priced at $47 or $97 per month depending on whether you help people make/save money or not.

Level 2 is more DWY, sold by DD#1 and is typically $147 or $297 per month.


Level 3 is what's sold by DD#3 and can include DFY high ticket offerings, masterminds or coaching and is typically $497 or $997 per month.

It's my hope that this provides a solid foundation for everyone. High five me if you see me at FHL!

- James Curran


If you are looking to implement the linchpin model in your business, you should send James a message here because he is quickly becoming the goto expert at ClickFunnels and getting very busy!


Have you ever read a statement that impacted you immediately? One that moved you emotionally? 


This is what we're looking for in our marketing. A message that, when our audience reads it, stops them in their tracks and opens their eyes to a new thought, consideration or possibility.


One of the keys to writing this kind of message is to make it instantly understandable. You have to take a big piece of information and relate it to something the reader is very familiar with in their daily life. Something they can visualise instantly.


Marketing expert Harry Dry recently posted this which I think gives some great examples/inspiration:

Take some time to create different messages for your audience and you should see a lift in conversions.




When you're not seeing the results you want as fast as you would like, its very easy to find yourself falling into shiny object syndrome and changing things up constantly.


Carl Parnell has had a lot of success with funnels and posted a great little reminder for how simple the process can actually be:


"Just a quick reminder that you don’t actually need anything super complicated to win with CF. 

My setup is this:

Organic/Ad to webinar > application > calendar > program overview video.

That’s it. 

I don’t have anything else. No website or anything.

2.5mil later I can confirm it’s all you need. 

Just focus on how your offer can solve a problem (or multiple problems) in the webinar and it should be a no brainer for leads to follow the flow to your calendar. 

Price point dependent they can just hit a sales page instead of a call. 

Utilise the power of ClickFunnels but don’t get in your own way by making the process over complicated."


I wanted the funnel this week to be a reminder of how experimental you can be with a landing page.


I'm not personally a fan of all the moving parts when scrolling but I would love to know how to make the 'Press B to buy' thing!


Check it out here and let me know your thoughts. Also, if you know how to make the B thing work, let me know!



"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work."

- Stephen King

Have a great weekend,


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