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FBM Digest #60: Facebook Ad formula, how to know what your market wants, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #60: Facebook Ad formula, how to know what your market wants, and more...

This year is going by so fast, I can't believe it's almost Autumn! There are still 4 months left to achieve more of those lofty business goals we set at the beginning of the year so let's dive into this here gold and see if there's anything that will help make that happen...



Funnel building and copywriting expert George P dropped some valuable gold this week...


As a copywriter, its not just George's job to write something that sounds good, he has to convey to the customer that this product is the solution to the problem they're looking to solve. 


Imagine your sales page is actually a shoe store on the high street and I walk in looking for a pair of shoes for a wedding.


You greet me, but instead of asking what I need, you start telling me about the latest sneakers that have just hit the shelves. You might still get a sale, but the process is far from optimal.

Similarly, when a potential customer interacts with your product, they're there for a reason. Not understanding their needs and goals is like offering sneakers to someone in search of wedding shoes.


So, how do you determine what your customers want?


Ask them.

If you already have customers, ask them why they joined. What problems we're they looking to solve? Listen to their stories and they will give you gold.


If you're just starting out, quiz people who are shopping with your would-be competitors. You can run ads to people who follow your competitors asking them to complete a quick questionnaire.


The answers will unearth valuable patterns.


You might find that the majority of people coming to your shoe store are looking for either comfortable, durable, and waterproof trekking boots or comfortable, high-end, Italian leather wedding shoes.


Imagine me walking in to your store with you knowing that. Instead of telling me about the latest sneakers, you tell me that you have some remarkably comfortable, high-end Italian leather wedding shoes.


You've just given me the solution to my problem, why wouldn't I buy from you?


In terms of funnels, you would use this information to build one funnel for wedding shoes and another for boots. The copy would hit on everything you know buyers are looking for.


Research like this can take time but makes all the difference. If you want to cut that time down significantly, then you need to speak to someone like George.


I see a lot of people talk about the perfect type of ad to run but I rarely see people talking about how to structure a whole campaign.


We all know its rare for someone to see your ad for the first time then go to your site and take the action you want.


They need to be exposed to the idea multiple times (experts suggest this number is around 7).


Cameron Steedman posted his advertising formula in the ClickFunnels Facebook group a while back and I think its a great structure for ads, so I had to send it your way.


If you are unprofitable with your “Main Ads” and haven’t implemented any retargeting ads then give this a go.


You can be unprofitable with your main ads but profitable with your retargeting ads and thus profitable overall.

Cameron recommends using mostly video ads because Facebook gives you the ability to retarget viewers based on how much they watch, even if they take no other action.


He also recommends using leads, traffic, or conversions as the campaign type.




I mostly include tips and tactics that assume people are motivated and looking for new ways to grow. But the reality is, being a business owner or entrepreneur has many ups and downs.


To truly provide value, we need to also talk about the downs.


Sara Iannone had a great piece of advice for those who feel stuck and down:

"Today I want to make a post for those who sometimes feel like they're not creating anything and sometimes feel sad and would like to give up everything.

I've been working in digital marketing for thirteen years and many times I've felt sad, but the most common feeling is the one shared by digital marketers: the feeling of not creating anything concrete.

It's not like opening a physical store and seeing your progress with your own eyes.

In digital world you don't see what you do and how much you grow professionally because there's nothing to prove it to you.

So you always have that constant feeling of frustration.

Actually you should always think about how you were when you started, what you didn't know and even if you don't earn what you want yet, every step you take will take you towards your goal.

Don't always look at what you're missing, look at the road you've come. It may seem small, but in the digital world, a single step is like a marathon.

Don't stop and keep running your marathon."


If you have any tips or things you have done that helped during those down periods, send them my way and I'll put something together for all to use.


The funnel this week is from This is Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins' company and it does very well.


Take a look at the page (also check out their home page above) and see how they're implementing Russell's linchpin model:

Here's the funnel



“Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.”

- Thomas Edison

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