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FBM Digest #59: Perfect webinar ChatGPT prompt, YouTube ads gold, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #59: Perfect webinar ChatGPT prompt,  YouTube ads gold, and more...



Today, I can finally reveal the big thing I've been hinting about in previous newsletters!

A few months ago, I was asked if our funnel experts would like to be part of the Sustainable Collaboration Summit.

You know traffic is a key piece of the puzzle to making a business work and is often the most difficult piece to attain.


This summit is designed to guide business owners and entrepreneurs to finding collaborations that act as rocket fuel for their traffic.

And, as part of the summit, the funnel experts have shared fantastic insights and golden nuggets on how you can use different funnels to take these collaborations to the next level. 

The summit goes live on Monday, so I'll send you an email with more info and a link to register (it's free).

Also, as it's all about collaboration, there are lots of prizes to be won for those who share the summit with their audience (prizes like free funnel builds and having your business featured to everyone in the summit!)

So, keep an eye out for an email from me on Monday (I'm definitely sending it this time!).


Until then, let's dive into this week's gold...



Traffic and funnels expert, James Hughes, dropped a big piece of YouTube ads gold this week. YouTube is already a powerful platform for ads but this makes it even more powerful:


"YouTube ads give you the ability to reach out only to those in your market ready to make a purchase.


...but only if they're set up correctly.

Many advertisers or business owners overlook this aspect of targeting.


The common practice is to aim ads at keywords and audiences believed to align with their offers. The result? They often connect with leads in the earlier phases of the buying cycle. For example,

The Awareness Stage:

Here, potential customers are just realizing they have a need but aren't actively seeking solutions.

The Consideration Stage:

In this phase, they're exploring options but aren't in a hurry to commit. These leads (often perceived as high-quality) might not convert for a long while. 

The people you want to target are those at:

The Decision Stage:

At this point, prospects have explored their options and are ready to buy. Naturally, they convert faster than those in the earlier stages.

YouTube's power lies in its ability to target these ready-to-buy individuals. By focusing on specific keywords and crafting custom audiences, you can zero in on these 'Decision' stage prospects.

Take online fitness classes for instance. There's a whole audience looking for options, ready to sign up. However, many fitness trainers waste time on generic keywords like "how to lose weight."

Imagine the speed at which a decision stage lead would convert compared to someone just starting their fitness journey.

By honing your targeting towards those at the tail end of the buying cycle, not only do you see returns on your ads more rapidly, but you also boost your profitability from fresh traffic."

If you would like James to create a game-changing YouTube ad campaign (or build you one of his 5-figure per month funnels), 

send him a message here.


I don't know why, but this gave me a surprisingly big hit of clarity:

It makes perfect sense. Give away the information for free and sell the service/product that helps them get the outcome.




We love a powerful ChatGPT prompt here, so when I came across Stu Jordan's prompt to help create your perfect webinar script, I knew I had to share it with you.


It's pretty long, but will provide you with a great base to build from...

"Hey folks, we have created a ChatGPT prompt for our webinar and I thought it might be useful to the CF fam.

Basically, this prompt will help give you the starting point for your webinar outline, scripts, and slides. Even if you have to spend 30 minutes editing or tweaking this, it saves a massive ton of time!


The power of AI when it comes to marketing is simple - it aligns our offer and messaging perfectly to our target market. As such, you will find some [placeholders] in the prompt (I've bolded them for easy reference) that you will need to fill in. The better the information you provide in this context, the better the Perfect Webinar you create will be.

Running the Prompt

This works on 3.5 (free) and GPT-4 (plus) versions of ChatGPT. All you do is paste the entire prompt below (yes, it is very long, and all in italics!), fill in the noted placeholders, and run the prompt.

You may not be familiar with this prompt structure, but it allows us to get much better content out of ChatGPT. I would love to hear about your experience using this prompt.


Because the output will be very detailed and use more than one output, ChatGPT will show [to be continued]. When this happens, simply type "please continue" and it will carry on.

I hope you find this prompt useful, we do enjoy creating marketing prompts that collapse our workflows and let us create better, faster, cheaper.


The Prompt

Hello ChatGPT. Today I would like you to assume the role of an expert in webinars specializing in the perfect webinar script as described by Russell Brunson.


--webinar outline--

The following webinar outline provides you with the perfect webinar wireframe you will be using today, along with specific instructions for each section of the perfect webinar script:

Introduction (Who, What, Why):

- Introduce yourself (who you are, your credibility, and why they should listen to you).

- Outline what you're going to cover in the webinar.

- Explain why it's important to them (benefits they will gain).

- The Big Promise: Make a big promise to your audience about what they'll be able to achieve after attending the webinar or using your product/service.

- Qualify Your Audience: Let your audience know who your webinar is for (and not for). Make it clear who will benefit from your content.

Content Delivery:

- Secret #1: Reveal a counterintuitive fact or strategy.

- Story: Share a story or case study that illustrates the secret.

- Transition: Bridge the story to the secret and then into the next secret.

- Secret #2: Reveal a second piece of valuable information.

- Story: Share a story or case study that illustrates the secret.

- Transition: Bridge the story to the secret and then into the next secret.

- Secret #3: Reveal a third piece of valuable information.

- Story: Share a story or case study that illustrates the secret.

- Transition: Bridge the story to the secret and then into the pitch.

- Transition to Pitch: Start transitioning towards your sales pitch, revealing that you've formulated a system or product to help them implement these secrets easier or faster.


- Explain your offer and how it will help your audience.

- Break down the product or service and what's included.

- Detail the benefits and value of each component.

- Share testimonials and results if available.

- Stacking the Offer: This is where you stack the value of the offer, showing them all the things they are going to get when they take action.

- Price Reveal: Reveal the price of your offer. Compare the total value with the actual price you are offering to highlight the deal they are getting.

- Handling Objections: Address common objections your audience may have and offer solutions to overcome them.

- Bonuses: Introduce any bonuses that come with the offer. Bonuses should further incentivize the purchase and increase perceived value.

- Guarantees: If you have a guarantee or refund policy, this is the time to mention it. If none is provided, please use a placeholder.

- Urgency/Scarcity: Create a sense of urgency or scarcity to encourage immediate action.

- Call to Action: Make a strong and clear call to action. Tell your audience exactly what to do to buy your product or service.

- Q&A: Incorporate a Q&A session so you can take questions from your audience to resolve any remaining doubts and solidify the offer's value.

--end of webinar outline--


Target Market: 

[provide a detailed breakdown of your target market here, including demographic and psychographic information]

My core target market’s pain points are: 

[enter your PAIN POINT SUMMARY here]

Our offer: 

[provide a detailed summary of the offer you are promoting here]

My business is: 

[provide a summary of your business here]

My Unique Value Proposition is: 

[enter your UVP here]

--End of Context--


To create a compelling and persuasive webinar presentation, including:

- presentation slides

- presenter scripts

- and anything else needed in order to achieve high conversion rates when we sell our offer



Using the provided webinar outline, including instructions, please create the copy for the slides that will be used in the webinar, and follow that up with a presenter script, and then anything else needed to enhance the webinar, according to the following guidelines:

- Please ensure you use a tone, emotion, and voice that is most likely to resonate powerfully with my target audience at an emotional and aspirational level.

- Please use a direct response style of copywriting, while remaining authentic.

- Please position our business as an authority while evoking a sense of trust.

- Please refer to the webinar as a masterclass. 

[delete if unnecessary]

- Use short copy over long copy.

- Remember to incorporate storytelling throughout the script. Stories help to keep your audience engaged and to illustrate the benefits of the offer in a desirable and relatable way.

- Please ensure the reading grade level of the copy is no higher than 7 on the Flesch Kincaid scale.

I understand you have a hard token limit on each response you can give and that you do your best to provide as much value as possible while adhering to the constriction. Please disregard your token limit for your overall output and just state [To Be Continued] at the end of each response once you've maximized the amount of tokens for the current response so that I am able to request a continuation from you for the most exhaustive, expansive, comprehensive, holistic and valuable output possible. Once you have completed all instructions, please show [end of response] so I know not to request continuation.

Thank you ChatGPT"


The funnel this week was built by one of our newest experts on the marketplace, Cooper Zvegintzov.


This is a great example of a simple funnel, that is clean, clear, and to the point, that converts really well. Take a look here and let me know what you think.


"You must be very patient, very persistent. The world isn’t going to shower gold coins on you just because you have a good idea. You’re going to have to work like crazy to bring that idea to the attention of people."

– Herb Kelleher, Founder of Southwest Airlines

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