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FBM Digest #45: ClickFunnels for brick and mortar, new ideas for powerful ads, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #45: ClickFunnels for brick and mortar, new ideas for powerful ads, and more...

I'm home, recharged, and ready to get back on the saddle. I have five new nuggets for you today. Read through them and see if there's anything you can implement next week to help drive your business forward...



If you have a brick-and-mortar business and are using (or would like to use) Clickfunnels to increase leads and sales, this one's for you!


Expert funnel builder, Malia Burcham, reached out to me last week with this tip designed to provide service-based businesses comfort in using ClickFunnels for their service:


Service Application Funnel for Brick & Mortar Businesses

While ClickFunnels is fantastic for selling products and digital courses, it can be a challenge to build a funnel around a service. I often have service-based clients with the misconception that they can't use Funnels for their business when it comes to providing estimates for a local brick and mortar... 

I'm here to tell you that it is definitely possible! 

A typical service flow goes like this...

  1. Prospects apply for your service.
  2. You review the application and call the prospects to assess if they're a good fit for your services.
  3. You either schedule an in-person estimate or provide a quote during the call.
  4. If an in-person estimate is necessary, you meet with prospects at a physical location to discuss their needs, evaluate the scope of work, and establish pricing.
  5. You prepare the estimate either on the spot or after the meeting.
  6. Lastly, you present your offer and hope they accept.

So the question is...


how can we build this into a funnel to streamline the process???


For my service funnel builds, I set it up as an application funnel! 


With an application funnel, you have an opportunity to keep 100% of the transactions on ClickFunnels rather than using a separate invoice service that takes them off ClickFunnels. 


Here's my tip to keep it all on ClickFunnels...


Create standardized packages and price them accordingly, then guide potential clients toward the package that best suits their needs and push them to an order form within the same funnel to make a purchase.




If the estimate has to be a detailed price, you can create custom products with an estimate # using ClickFunnels on the spot with the detailed price, attach it to the order form page, and then have them order on your iPad right then and there... or send them a link to that order page! Here is an example...

Important Note:

A good reason why it is wise to pull them back into the same application funnel is so you can give them an opportunity to join your Maintenance Program (if you have one) as an upsell. 

It is very important to build continuity in your business!

I suggest offering the first month free with an attractive incentive. A simple T-shirt or free ebook can encourage sign-ups.

This can streamline the process for service-based businesses on ONE platform and ensures a smooth experience for your clients. 

It is incredibly simple to do on ClickFunnels 2.0!




If you have a brick and mortar business and would like Malia to implement this for you asap, message her here


(Actually, if you have any sort of business and want the help of an expert funnel builder, you should message her too. You'll be glad you did.)




If your marketing isn't working as well as you would like, one of the best things you can do is take a look around and see what constantly catches your eye.


Once you've found something, ask yourself how you can utilise whatever is attracting you in your own marketing.


For example, in Nashville, I see and hear these guys below all the time. They're on the radio, they're on billboards, they're in the papers...

If I'm running ads, whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Google search, why not dissect working ads around me, create my own version, and run them as a test?


These ads have so many things in common, something must clearly be working...


The text is mostly caps. The copy is short, simple, and compelling. They're both wearing suits. Their pics are big and on the left. They're both showing their teeth. Their names are clear. Their colours are red, white, and blue. They both have a big portion of white.


If it works for them, surely it's worth a test for me, right? I can use their billboards and paper ads as inspo for image ads and their radio ads for Google search.


Find what attracts you and copy it. What magazine ads stop you flicking pages? What radio ads make you stop and listen? What billboards grab your attention? Use them to inspire your next ad.




Something I hear from time to time but have yet to implement seriously is the principle of being 1% better each day. 


According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, even a 1% improvement in key business operations can lead to a significant increase in business success.


British Cycling is the perfect example of this. Until Performance Director, Sir Dave Brailsford, came on board, the British cycling teams were far from the best.


Rather than completely revamp the culture and strategy, Brailsford believed in the 'aggregation of marginal gains,' which is essentially the 1% improvement rule.


He focused on small areas for improvement. Simple things like getting the riders to stick to a bedtime, using a better pillow and mattress, and paying more attention to their nutrition.


These 1% improvements added up and amazingly lead to British Cycling dominating in the Olympics and Tour de France over the next decade.


Many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with the idea of small, daily improvements. They often seek large, groundbreaking changes, overlooking the power of consistency and incremental progress.


You're going to face resistance to doing this. But if your conscious mind is saying, 'this makes sense, I really need to start doing this!' then coming up with a simple plan of how to be 1% better each day will cut the resistance dramatically. 


And, to make it even easier for you, I've created a little daily plan for you to follow next week:


Monday: Educate Yourself: 

Spend 1% more time reading something that will help improve your business. If you work 8 hours a day, 1% is 4 minutes and 48 seconds. 


Tuesday: Optimize Your Website: 

Improve the loading speed of your website by 1%. If your page takes 3 seconds to load, 1% is 0.03 of a second. Compress or resize one image and you're done.


Wednesday: Improve Your Email Response Time: 

If you currently respond to customer emails within 24 hours, aim to respond within 23.76 hours. This seems minute, but over time, this can greatly improve your customer service and satisfaction.


Thursday: Implement a Random Act of Kindness: 

Positive word-of-mouth can be a powerful marketing tool, and one way to generate it is through random acts of kindness towards your customers. Send a personalised thank-you note to a customer, give a small discount, or highlight a loyal customer on your social media. These small gestures can make customers feel appreciated, increasing their loyalty and likelihood of recommending you to others.


Friday: "Green" Your Business: 

More and more customers are choosing to support businesses that take their environmental responsibility seriously. Look for one way to make your business more sustainable (easy wins are turning off your router at night, charging your phone with a solar-powered charger, only using reusable bottles), then share your improvements.


Saturday: Brainstorm new ideas: 

Dedicate 5 minutes to rapid brainstorming of new ideas. This could be anything from marketing strategies to bonus offers or even new product ideas. Stress-free idea generation can lead to big solutions and improvements.


Sunday: Enhance Your Product/Service: 

Improve your product or service by 1%. This could mean making your product 1% more efficient or adding a feature that increases value by 1%. Listen to customer feedback to guide these improvements.

Remember, subconsciously, this idea is uninspiring because our minds like significant contrast; dirty to clean, old to new, poor to rich. But if you can stick to this, the results will be dramatic!

James Clear's book 'Atomic Habits' has some great personal development examples.



Who better to get funnel ideas from than a certified expert with years of business and marketing experience?


This week's funnel belongs to our very own Koen De Wit. Take a look and let me know your thoughts. What stands out to you? What catches your eye? What confuses you? What don't you like? 


Let me know and I'll pass your suggestions on to Koen to test. Here's the funnel ->




"When discipline and perseverance walk hand in hand, success becomes not a distant dream, but an inevitable reality." 

— Isabella Stevens


Always in your corner,


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