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FBM Digest #38: Good Meta News, how to give away free cars as marketing, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #38: Good Meta News, how to give away free cars as marketing, and more...

Hey, I hope this digest finds you well. Any big news from the week? 

In the meantime, here are five sales and marketing nuggets to help boost your business...



News from Meta (Facebook & Instagram). Marketing expert Dan Mennear said to inform everyone that they are rolling out a paid verification system like Twitter's.


This means you can get the verification badge without having a huge following or jumping through hoops. The subscription costs $11.99 per month on the web and $14.99 per month on mobile. 

If you're running ads on Facebook and Instagram (or plan to), it could be worth the investment as those verified badges are still a very strong social/trust signal.


Plus, you also get direct access to customer support and other account protections. If I were running Facebook ads, I would consider testing it because it may pay for itself via increased CTR/lower CPC.


If you're in the market for someone to build a marketing strategy or drive more traffic to your funnel, Dan's your man.




Speaking of traffic, I have another idea!


You need to start a referral program.


You could use a tool like Viral LoopsSparkLoop, or Referral Kit and offer cool prizes based on things your audience will want.


But this is where it gets interesting...


When I was thinking through prizes you could offer, I initially thought of offering your order bump for free, a big discount, bonus content, etc., but then I thought, why not hack Clickfunnels' idea and offer something people actually want... like a car?! 


If you sit down and run the numbers, you will come up with some surprisingly good offers. The kind of offers that motivate people to recommend your product and generate sales with ease.

For example, if you have a $97 online program that doesn't cost you any extra time or money when people sign up:


5 referrals = $485 profit - "Recommend 5 people and get a $100 Amazon gift card"

10 referrals = $970 profit - "Get to 10 referrals, and you'll receive a new dishwasher"

50 referrals = $4850 profit - "If you hit 50 referrals for a brand new 60" Samsung OLED TV"


If someone gets to 50 referrals, they've earned you $2850 ($4850 revenue - $2000 cost for prizes) and you've not done a thing!


Create a leaderboard and things will get really interesting...


This is just the front-end offer. Think about the profits when people start going up your product ladder.


Something to think ponder...




I told ChatGPT (4) about this weekly digest email and asked it to give me an outrageous ChatGPT tip that entrepreneurs and business owners can use to increase sales. This is what it said:

This could work great for B2B businesses. You could even shape the ChatGPT input slightly to get important insights about people's struggles and issues. These will not only help you understand your customer better but also create solutions for them.




The funnel this week is one I featured months ago. It's had a few big updates since then, so copy and funnel expert George wanted to get your thoughts...


Here's the funnel


You know the rules. Tell me what you like and/or what you'd split test, and I'll send the feedback to George.


Btw, the funnels featured here often get both valuable feedback and sales/leads. So, send yours (or one you have built for a client) my way and let the community work its magic.




"The successful warrior is the average person, with laser-like focus." 

— Bruce Lee


Stay focused on your goals (and keep moving towards them), and you'll achieve great things.


You've got this!


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