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FBM Digest #32: ChatGPT business advice, 7 proven steps for free traffic, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #32: ChatGPT business advice, 7 proven steps for free traffic, and more...

Hey, I hope you've had a great week, it's certainly been a big one here. Here are your Friday Five to help your business thrive:



I'm switching things up a little this week. Instead of one tip from an expert, I thought I'd give you the chance to get personalized tips from 10 expert funnel builders.


I'm putting on a little event next Thursday. All you have to do is join, and you'll be connected with an expert for 5 minutes, then another, then another, then another.


More than tips, you can get genuine advice specific to your current situation to help you move forward. 

And it's completely free.

I'm creating the event registration as we speak, so keep an eye out for an email from me on Monday because spots will be limited.



If you have a great product (or product idea) but a tiny marketing budget, these 7 simple steps will help you drive leads for free.

1. Head to the social media platform most favored by your market. If they're all popular, pick your favorite.


2. Find your main competitors and note who commented or shared posts about their products.


3. Make a list of accounts that have engaged with your competitor's account.


4. DM those accounts with something along the lines of:

"Hi X! I saw that you engaged with Y a while ago. We have just launched Z this month, and we thought you might be interested. Reasons why they would be interested. Here's a link to check it out: ___."


5. Make a list of your high-target keywords, and reach out to people who shared a post, including those keywords.


6. Build in public, and share weekly project updates via your business social media channel, website, or email list. (We're creating a Build in Public platform for you to use soon!)


7. Find related groups on Reddit and spend 15 minutes per day sharing value in those groups. Every once in a while, link back to your product or service. 

Here is a free tool that notifies you when there is a new post related to your keyword. It's like Google Alerts for Reddit.




Many first-time business owners have great motivation initially but quit when things don't go as they had hoped.


ChatGPT is basically a community member at this point, so I asked it if there were any questions people could ask themselves in these moments to spark thoughts and ideas that might improve their success. Here's what it said:


1. What are my market's biggest pain points, and am I proving to my audience that I can solve those problems?

2. Am I showcasing the unique value I can offer that my competitors can't?

3. Who has the audience I need but no product to offer? What deal can I offer those people that would benefit both of us?


4. Have I designed my landing pages and marketing in a style that I like instead of what my market likes? Who in my niche has a successful funnel and marketing that I can model?


5. If a highly successful business owner took over my business and could only use my name and budget to improve it, what would they change?




Dr Michael Schuneman would love your advice...


His educational background gives him the professional tools to manage issues from exercise to nutrition. But he would really appreciate your opinion on this new funnel he has created.


Check it out here and reply to this email with things you're going to hack and anything you would recommend Dr Schuneman change to improve his conversion rate.




"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

— Leonardo Da Vinci


Always in your corner,


Any tarot fans amongst us?

I was skeptical at first but the

things these have predicted 

have me thinking otherwise!