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FBM Digest #31: Exciting split test result, funnel advice needed, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #31: Exciting split test result, funnel advice needed, and more...

Hey, I hope you've had a good week. Here are the Friday Five...



Would you like your Facebook page to appear in front of thousands of leads every day for free? That sounds like the clickbait you see in Facebook ads but have a look. This might be the one time it's accurate...


Marketing expert Dan Mennear dropped this bit of gold...


Although it's not considered one of the more prominent search engines, millions of people use the Facebook search function to find profiles that can help them. For example, someone might search Keto expertPizza chef or business growth expert. Usually, to appear in these search results, you need a large following. However, there's a little-known way for small profiles to appear... 

You can add a nickname for your Facebook profile that matches the keywords people are searching for.

To set a nickname on Facebook: 

1. Go to the Facebook desktop page (not the mobile app)

2. Navigate to your Facebook profile

3. Click on the "About" section

4. Scroll down to "Details about you"

5. Click "add a nickname" next to other names

6. Select name type as "nickname"

7. Add 2 or 3 keywords your ideal clients are searching for in the name block. I.e. Expert Funnel Builder#1 Personal TrainerNashville Immigration Lawyer.

8. Click "Show at top of profile"

9. Click "Save Changes"


When leads search these keywords, your profile will appear in the search results.


Not so clickbaity, right?


If you're looking for someone to help you get more leads to your funnel, speak with Dan here.




Harry from Marketing Examples recently discovered that Blinkist (a book summarizing subscription service) made one simple change in their copy and split test it against their original page. This one change led to the following:


• 23% more trial signups

• 55% fewer customer complaints


All they did was provide more transparency to their offer...

The more clarity you can give a prospect, the safer they will feel. The safer they feel, the more likely they will invest in your product.




Another method for increasing the level of safety a prospect feels was used in last week's funnel of the week. Martin's funnel had a very particular offer that many of us who sell digital products should be using.


If you didn't notice, Martin's book was $5.90 (already a bargain considering his knowledge), however...


Martin went one step further and offered the book for free. As part of the offer, you could download Martin's book, read it, and only pay 30 days after purchase if you decided it was worth $5.90.

People are used to being offered a free trial for services that charge a monthly fee. They're not used to seeing this offer for a book or program. You nearly always have to pay upfront for those types of products. This makes Martin's offer look even better and shows he has a lot of confidence in the product, which naturally builds trust. Give this offer a go and see how you get on.  


This week's funnel needs your advice...


We're considering redesigning our page, but before we do, we would like the opinion of the real experts... you.


If this was your page, what would you change? What don't you like about it? Does the copy talk to you? Does it need new images? Is there information you would add? What would you take out? What would your headline be?


Have a look at the page here and reply to this email with your thoughts and ideas.




"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

— Walt Disney


Always in your corner,


The dark greens win it

again! What's your secret

to winning monopoly?