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FBM Digest #30: Free tools your business needs, how to write high-performing ads, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #30: Free tools your business needs, how to write high-performing ads, and more...

You know what time it is! Let's rock 'n' roll...



Marketing expert Aiman dropped some solid gold this week...


Most business owners and entrepreneurs know how important it is to develop a relationship with their audience. A strong relationship increases trust and helps grow your audience for free. But most get stuck deciding what content to create.


One of the most effective things a business can do (and all should be doing) is send their audience a value-packed weekly newsletter (ala this Digest).


Depending on your niche, this value could be important news from the week, coupons and offers you've found, or new tips and tools to improve a specific area of their life.


All you have to do is spend a few hours per week jotting down 3-5 nuggets your audience will find valuable, put them in an email and send it out.


Your audience is busy, so if you can give them a few bits of valuable information in just a few minutes, they will truly appreciate it.


As it's weekly, they will also appreciate you not spamming their inbox like most other businesses do.


And along the way, you will learn more about your audience and the type of information they like best. This naturally helps you to serve them better.




Earlier this week, I discovered a closely guarded secret of one of the advertising industry's most successful copywriters, Gary Bencivenga. Now retired, Gary explained this simple formula was how he consistently created ads that beat virtually all others.


He said every hook you use will become significantly more effective if it covers four points:


Problem + Promise + Proof + Proposition


A typical headline in the funnel world is, 'How to... Without...' For example:


"How to cure IBS without dangerous medicines"


This works ok because it highlights a problem, has a promise, and is a proposition. The issue is it has no proof elements, and that's exactly what drives most conversions.


If we add a proof element, the hook instantly has more pull:


"World's #1 Gastroenterologist shares how to cure IBS without dangerous medicines."


Take a look at the hooks you're currently using and make sure they contain each of the four points (especially proof). Doing so will make them instantly more effective.


(Side note: The internet is full of people using fake proof elements. As such, we don't believe them on their own, so be sure to add proof of your proof. In this example, it could be a picture of the gastroenterologist and an award or quote from a reputable source declaring them the world's #1.)




I realized this week that I've never shared the free tools that provide me with huge amounts of value. Here they are:


Whatfont - If you've ever wanted to know what font and font size a particular page is using (so you can use it on your own site), simply install Whatfont, click on the text, and it will tell you everything you need to know.


Meta Pixel Helper - If you create successful Facebook ads, you need to make sure your Facebook (Meta) pixel is working. Install this plugin, go to your page, and it will confirm whether your pixel is working correctly or not.


Mozbar - If you are interested in SEO, this one's for you. Visit a page (it could be your own) and Mozbar will give you key information that affects how well it ranks in Google. This includes the page's authority, the domain's authority, the spam level of the page, and whether it includes important Google ranking elements. 


Buzzsumo - If you're struggling to find content your audience will love and share, this plugin is for you. Once installed, simply visit a blog post or article by one of your competitors, and it will tell you how many people have shared it on various social media platforms. Find the most shared and you have a very good idea of what the audience likes. (Side note: this plugin is paid, but you get a 30-day trial. Use the trial to gather all the ideas you need.)


HotJar - Everyone needs this tool! Have you ever wondered why visitors to your page aren't converting? What's happening? Where are they getting stuck? HotJar will answer those questions. Add their code to your funnel, and it will record people using your site. Watch a few of these anonymous recordings, and you will get a very clear idea of what to improve to increase conversions.




Former international Marketing & Sales Director for L'Oreal, Western Union, and Coca-Cola, Martin Parkos, has written a book sharing how you can use the little-known secrets these companies use to achieve great success in your business. And today, he would love your feedback on the funnel he has created for it. Take a look and send me your thoughts:


Then, if you would like me to send lots of traffic to your funnel (and get priceless advice), send me a link, and I'll feature it in an upcoming FBM Digest.




"As marketers, we should be changing the mantra from always be closing to always be helping."

— Jonathan Lister


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