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FBM Digest #29: Getting customer insights with ChatGPT, Facebook ad CTR recommendations, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #29: Getting customer insights with ChatGPT, Facebook ad CTR recommendations, and more...

Hey, how's the world been treating you this week? It's been a busy one here but not too busy to find 5 golden nuggets to help you on your journey. Let's go...



Are you looking for the best funnel for your business? If so, James Hughes' Reverse Selling Funnel could be the one you need...


It works differently from most funnels because instead of you selling your service to the customer, it gets the customer to sell themselves to you.


You start by offering a high-value lead magnet that covers effective ways they can solve their problem. Then, you offer a free call with you to get solutions specific to them. You send them more valuable content via email ahead of the call. Then, on the call, you continue to give them value by proving they can solve their problem with the right process.


By this time, you have given them so much value that a large percentage of people ask if you can help them do it or how they can work with you.


Depending on your niche, you can then offer them a high-ticket item anywhere from $1-10k+, and they will consider it a bargain.


This creates positive cash flow in your business and allows you the space the start testing funnels lower down your product ladder.


If you want James to show you how to implement this in your business, he's offering a limited number of free sessions. If you're interested, book yours here asap: 

Book a session with James

James Hughes Reverse Sale Funnel For High Ticket




Could ChatGPT give you hard-to-find insights into your customers and competition?


I finally got back into ChatGPT this week and wanted to find out if it had any useful information about my niche. Here's how it went:

James Hughes Reverse Sale Funnel For High Ticket

This is great. I'm building a product proven to help with number 4, but now I know the other issues, I have ideas for upsells that I know the customer will be interested in.


In order to create a high-converting offer and quality product, I need to know what else is out there and what my market has already been exposed to. So, I asked ChatGPT...

James Hughes Reverse Sale Funnel For High Ticket

This is fantastic! In less than 2 minutes, I've uncovered a list of problems my market is facing and several competitors. I could now take this in any direction I like...


I could ask which issue is the most pressing, what complaints people have about the apps, what their main source of traffic is, where these people hang out online, and so much more.


Dive in and see what you can uncover about your business.




If you've been wondering whether your Facebook ads are doing well or not, Andrew Hallinan has a simple way to find out:

"Facebook Ads are super easy to optimize. If your CTR is less than 3%, you either have an AD CREATIVE or an AUDIENCE problem. 

If your ad CTR is > 3%, then you have a good ad for your audience.

"The next metric to look at is OUTBOUND CTR (clicks that leave Facebook and go to your landing page). If your OUTBOUND CTR is < 1%, then your ad is not compelling the user to stop what they are doing and check out your offer. If your CTR is > 3% and OUTBOUND CTR is > 1%, then your ads are working well."




If you like being outdoors and eating good food, this one is for you! Phil worked with George P to create this page, and personally, I love it. It combines an easy-to-follow layout, with thought-provoking content, and a great offer. Check it out here and let me know what you think. Do you like the style? Do you have any questions that the copy didn't answer? Is there anything that wows you?


Send your thoughts my way, and I'll pass them on to Phil.


Then, don't be shy. Volunteer your funnel!


Send it my way, and I'll get you the priceless feedback of 15,000 community members.



"Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life."

— Avinash Kaushik


Always in your corner,


I was shocked by how many

great book recommendations

I received last week (thank you

for those). So I figured, why

not get recommendations

for something else I enjoy...

I'm a big fan of red wine, 

specifically smooth reds like

Rioja and Bordeaux. What's

your favourite? Do you have

anything you would 



P.S. My wife and I are shopping for bedside tables this weekend, and I had no idea they were so expensive! Does anyone know a secret to getting good quality furniture for a reasonable price here in the US? Let me know :)