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FBM Digest #27: A secret to scintillating copy, how to create great offers, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #27: A secret to scintillating copy, how to create great offers, and more...

Happy New Year! I realized yesterday, some entrepreneurs and business owners will achieve wild success this year. Shall we get ourselves on that list? What better adventure is there for us this year than working towards a life-changing goal?


If that sounds like a worthwhile mission for this year, Tip 3 is especially for you.


A simple one this week from copywriting expert George P. He said one of the easiest ways to transform a sales or lead page that isn't performing is to refocus the copy on one of the five emotional motivators.


Most entrepreneurs and business owners that write their own pages write copy that focuses on what the product is and what results it will create. This produces ok results at best.


A professional copywriter will write copy that focuses on one of the five emotional motivators:








Find one or two that your product naturally fits and stir it slightly to motivate people to use your service versus a lesser option.


For example, if you run a legal practice, fear is likely something your potential clients are experiencing - lean on it. If you sell sporting goods, your clients are probably experiencing (or wanting to experience) escape or esteem - remind them how they'll achieve it with your product. If you sell supplements or health-based info products, your clients likely want to overcome fear and escape - show them how you'll solve those problems for them.


Find the right ones for your business, weave them into your copy, and watch the conversions fly in. Or, if you want to ensure it's done correctly, hire George to do it for you.




Check the compelling-ness of your offers and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10.


1 being 'zzzzz' and 10 being 'I HAVE TO HAVE THIS RIGHT NOW!'


It takes extreme measures to compel people to act in a way that is contrary to how they normally act. If your conversion rates are low, it's simply because the majority of people aren't being compelled enough to act.


What makes a compelling offer? One that solves a serious problem the person has.


The majority of sales pages I look at are focused on solving a problem that is nice to solve when you have time someday in the future. 


Answer this: what serious problem are your customers having in their lives right now that your product solves? It may not even be something they're aware of! 

If you sell dog supplements, are people's dogs slowly being killed by their current diet? If you sell cooking tips, are people wasting thousands of dollars on equipment that leaks dangerous metals into their food? If you sell massage services, do your clients have a knot in their back that drives shooting pains down their back anytime they lift their arm? Answer that question, focus your marketing messages on it, and people with that problem will naturally want you to fix it.  


Would you like to achieve your big business goal this year?


Imagine setting a big goal and achieving it by the time summer arrives...


More sales, more money, more growth, more freedom.


Everyone has a goal they want to achieve this year (whether they admit it or not), but most will not achieve it.

In 2023, thousands of people will achieve theirs. Why shouldn't you achieve yours? 

I think you should! But anyone who has been around long enough knows it's almost impossible to accomplish on their own. The single most effective way to achieve a goal is to have a group of people who hold you accountable and give you ideas and opportunities you wouldn't have come up with yourself. Therefore, I'm setting up a free community goal-getting club. It is called 'The Marketplace Mastermind'.

The cost of joining this mastermind is the discomfort of stepping outside your comfort zone (sharing your personal goals and progress makes you vulnerable). The reward of being a part of the mastermind is enormous personal growth and remarkable progress towards your goal. This mastermind is perfect for you if you have a genuine business goal you want to achieve this year and are ready to work to achieve it. 

To become a member, reply to this email with a simple 'I'm in', and I'll email you something special to get us started. 




You and I have studied over a dozen landing pages and uncovered powerful tips and tactics to make your pages incredibly attractive to your visitors. However, I want to take this up a notch.


We've only been focusing on the main landing pages. I will start collecting complete funnel information so you can see all the steps involved. And I want to start featuring your funnels. I want to utilize the wealth of knowledge we have in this community to make each of our funnels convert like crazy. 

To volunteer your funnel, reply to this email with a link to the landing page.

As for this week's funnel...


Genuine funnel experts have made this, some of the best in the world. I want you to use the knowledge you've built up these past few months and critique it. What would you change? What do you think would make it more effective?


Check it out here.




Sometimes the best copy to sell a horse is ‘Horse for Sale.’'

— Jay Abraham 

Always in your corner,Lee

    Happy New Year!