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FBM Digest #25: How to increase your email open rate, market on Pinterest, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #25: How to increase your email open rate, market on Pinterest, and more...

Hey, I hope you're ready for the big weekend! You know I had to get my favourite community member a present. So here you are... 

5 new golden nuggets researched and wrapped:


I had a strategy call yesterday with our newest Funnel Expert Michael Ikechukwu. Not only did Mike give me clarity about my next funnel, he also gave me a nugget that you need to hear...


The niche I'm moving into is mental wellbeing for children aged 6-11. And, as we all do, I wondered where was best for me to focus my marketing. Facebook? Instagram? Google? TikTok? Mom Blogs? 


Based on Mike's research, he said a potentially untapped goldmine for me would be Pinterest. 


"...Pinterest?!" I said. "Isn't that mostly for making vision boards?"


"That's what a lot of entrepreneurs assume," Mike replied. "But, what most don't know is Pinterest images also have a headline, a description and a link to external content, i.e. your landing page.


"What really sets it apart from Facebook and Instagram is that Pinterest is a search engine.

People will search for a solution to their problem and scroll until they find the/your solution."

After doing a little digging, I discovered Pinterest is an untapped goldmine. It's less saturated, cheaper to run ads, and because it's intent-based, it gives you a warmer customer for a lower price. I think you should check it out.  (BTW, as Michael is new here and trying to build his reviews, he is offering his 30-min strategy session for just $5. You should book one of his strategy sessions as an early Christmas present to yourself before he ramps up the price! 

This is what I purchased.)




Where do your emails land on the personal vs generic scale?

People open and engage with emails that feel personal far more than they do with the typically spammy emails we receive. So, when you next email your list, write the email as if you're emailing one of your close friends and see what happens.


There are only 3 steps:


Step 1: Think, what email would you actually send? What would be valuable to your friend?


Step 2: Once you've found the topic, think about the type of subject your personal emails have. 


This is an email in my inbox I deleted without reading:

'Find out HOW to OVERCOME your fitness & health PLATEAU'


Would you open this?


I once read that you should try and be one level of energy above the person you're speaking to. This person is at a 9, meaning I'd have to be at an 8. I don't know about you, but if I'm reading my emails, I'm definitely not at an 8.


If the subject was:

'Found this new fitness info'


I probably would have opened it because it's relaxed and easy. It's much closer to where I am when I'm browsing my inbox.


Step 3: Write the body of the email like it's going to a friend.

You wouldn't tell your friend about the 20 years leading up to the discovery of this information. You'd get to the point, wouldn't you? 'Hey, I was just reading x and thought you'd be interested in...' Or, 'Hey, I just sat down to plan the next five articles for my page and wanted to ask if there's anything particular you'd love me to cover?' Give this a go, and let me know how you get on.  


I had a call with a new community member named Michael Hayes on Tuesday. He runs a successful accounting business and bought Clickfunnels just over a year ago to take his business to the next level. On our call, he said something that is an excellent reminder for all of us.


He said, "Initially, I thought I should build the funnels myself because I have ideas about how to do things better or differently. After all, it's our vision, right?


"But, I've realised one of the hardest things for business owners to overcome is the persistent determination to do everything ourselves. It's part of what makes us entrepreneurs.


"But, a bigger part of being an entrepreneur is recognizing when you're the problem in your business. I've spent months on my funnels and haven't launched a single one, so I booked this call to see if you can recommend a funnel builder to save me from myself."


If you think that determination to do everything yourself is keeping you from launching a successful funnel too, send me details about your business, goals, and budget, and I'll send you my recommended funnel builders.




This week's funnel is a tool you may already use (if not, it's important for your tool belt). Notice how the page opens with two big offers. The first is access to valuable data. The second is access to interesting data. If one of them doesn't sell you, the other likely will. Then, it goes into our typical format: who it's for, social proof, benefits, and more social proof.


Check it out here.




“Everyone wants to be successful and wealthy, but nobody wants to leave their comfort zone.” — Justin Welsh


Always in your corner,


         I'm ready.