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FBM Digest #22: Mastering sponsored posts, how to connect with your dream 100, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

FBM Digest #22: Mastering sponsored posts, how to connect with your dream 100, and more...

You're going to love the gold nuggets I've found for you this week. But first, I have some breaking news...


After 4 years, the Funnel Rolodex is no more.

...Because we have just completed our merge with the Funnel Builder program, and we are now The Funnel Builder Marketplace!


The team have been working on this merge for weeks, putting the pieces together to make this happen. We're so excited to get this across the line because it is the start of big things to come. We're fully focused on creating the space that helps you business owners and entrepreneurs see the success you deserve.


More on what this means for you in the P.S. section. Now for the nuggets:


Want to install conversion increasing trust in your visitors without having to spend months posting content?


Marketing expert Aiman told me recently one of the most underutilized marketing tools is also one of the most powerful and often has the highest ROI!


He was talking about sponsored posts.


It’s no secret that influencers hold significant power to drive conversions.


They have spent years building their followers' trust, and this trust instantly gets transferred to whatever they recommend.


Most business owners are worried they're too small or new and the influencers won't pay them any mind...


Interestingly, social media pages with less than 10k followers (i.e. those who probably don't consider themselves influencers) have actually been found to have the biggest sway over their audiences. Many will be shocked you've even thought of them!


Want to tap into this huge ocean of potential clients? Reach out to Aiman today.




Wouldn't it be great if YouTube boosted your content for free?


Well, if you start creating short videos (under 60 seconds), they will do just that.


See, YouTube is trying to take on TikTok and Instagram Reels (two of the most popular social media spots right now), and their algorithm is boosting YouTube shorts like there's no tomorrow.


Anyone jumping on this bandwagon will get a level of exposure they wouldn't normally get (Aiman can help with these too).




If you're trying to build a connection with your dream 100 (or reach influencers as above), this email pattern from marketing expert Harry of could make all the difference to your success:

Step 1: Personalise

Step 2: Pain point

Step 3: Pitch



Another highly successful funnel from a big name this week. This is for a live event but can be repurposed for webinars, summits, or any other event you can think of. And, because it's a big brand, you know A LOT of money has been spent testing different designs, layouts, lengths, and copy, so you know this works.

Check it out here.




“Good advertising is written from one person to another. When it is aimed at millions it rarely moves anyone.” - Fairfax M. Cone


Always in your corner,


    Throwback Monday


P.S. Everything on the new site is still exactly as it was before. All of the work you've been involved in is still where it was. The only thing to change is the URL.


The old site will now be forwarded to the new site so everything should work seamlessly. However, if you find links aren't working, go to the new look site here, and you will be able to log in as normal and continue.



P.P.S. BIG NEWS for all of you raffle entrants!

Two of the winners haven't claimed their prizes within the allotted timeframe, so I am drawing 2 more names from the hat. If you enter, keep your eyes peeled for an email coming your way within an hour of this one!