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Rolodex Digest #20: The 3 fears that drop opt-in rates, 4 tips to creating a professional looking landing page, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

Rolodex Digest #20: The 3 fears that drop opt-in rates, 4 tips to creating a professional looking landing page, and more...

I have added an update to our email deliverability experiment at the bottom of this email (I'm genuinely surprised by the results so far), but before all that, let's check out this week's 5 must-know golden nuggets:



Rolodex expert, George P, told me after working on hundreds of funnels, the #1 thing he sees that reduces performance is the copy.


"For a page to work, the copy needs to be concise, reflect the needs and fears of the reader, and showcase your unique solution. 


Effective and persuasive copy ensures your landing page makes a strong impression and drives conversions."


Make it a habit to ask a copywriter and/or someone in your market to audit your pages. The feedback you get from this exercise will make a world of difference to your results. If you're interested, George can audit your copy and funnel here.




I found an interesting study this week - Two researchers at Stellenbosch University in South Africa discovered all visitors to your site have 3 fears that will keep them from opting in.


If you can calm these fears, your conversion rate will increase considerably. Below I've included the fears, the typical questions the visitor will ask themselves and how you can overcome them.


Performance Fear

Q: Is this a good investment of my time and/or money?

A: Compelling copy, offer a free trial, showcase testimonials, and explain how and why your unique product/system/service produces results.


Personal Fear

Q: Can I trust this person/business? Is this a scam?

A: Repeatedly expose them to you/your business, offer a free trial, have 3rd party reviews, offer payment via PayPal, and have a social following.


Social Fear

Q: Will this increase or decrease my social standing?

A: Show testimonials of people like them, and suggest results that will increase their social standing (money, intelligence, prestige, etc.)


Scan through your funnel and ask if you satisfy these 3 fears. If not, try adding some of the above (notice testimonials help with all 3, free trials with 2/3.)




A few weeks ago, web designer Craig Barber (designer of pages for PayPal, Sony, Nestle, Marks & Spencer, and Samsung) provided a series of mistakes people make when designing their pages. This week he is providing his top 4 tips to make your page look like it was created by a high paid professional:


Tip 1: Use just 3 colours

Tip 2: Use just one font

Tip 3: Only use high-quality photography, illustration or video

Tip 4: Use your main brand colour in your imagery




This week's funnel is the top-performing funnel on Clickbank, meaning it converts all day, every day. I would encourage you to pay attention to how it doesn't follow the typical landing page layout:


(There are several reasons why this is far more powerful than a traditional style landing page. If you would like me to dive into what they are, please let me know. I'd also like your opinion on the landing page...)




“You cannot create desire in a customer. You can only awaken what's already there.” - Eugene Schwartz


Always in your corner,


Have you seen the new video

on the Rolodex home page??


P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for that email about our November giveaway. It may be arriving in your inbox Monday...


P.P.S. Check your spam and promotions frequently because:

1. This sounds like a promotion, so may end up in promos

2. The winners will be picked at random, but the first 10 to reply will have 10 extra entries under their name (meaning they have a 10x higher chance of winning).


P.P.P.S. The experiment so far...


The email prior to the experiment will serve as the control:

It was successfully delivered to 16070 subscribers, and 5603 opened.

The open rate was 35.9%.


The email where I announced the test and asked for replies:

Successful deliveries: 15790. Opened: 5519. Open rate: 34.9%.


Last week's email:

Successful deliveries: 15736. Opened: 5419. Open rate: 34.4%.


So far, the reply tactic hasn't made a difference. Although the number of replies wasn't statistically relevant (0.004% of total deliveries), I'm still surprised to see there wasn't even a blip. However, let's see how this week fairs.