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Rolodex Digest #18: 3 secrets to high-ticket sales, how to get an unlimited marketing budget, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

Rolodex Digest #18: 3 secrets to high-ticket sales, how to get an unlimited marketing budget, and more...

I've uncovered 5 more fantastic sales and marketing tips for you. Let's dive into this week's golden nuggets!




Did you know the Rolodex has 977 registered sellers, and one of them has been the top seller every month for the past 31 months? How is this possible?! 

Funnel expert James Hughes has consistently outperformed every other expert on our platform for nearly 3 years!


So naturally, I had to find and share his secrets with you! 

This is James' secret 3 step process to consistently closing high-ticket sales:


1. Find out what the person you're talking to wants to achieve

2. Show them what they can achieve with the right system. (Which, in most cases, is not what they originally expected and is relatively straightforward)

3. Ask if they don’t take action now, when will they do it? What would be the cost of staying where they are.


How wonderfully simple is that? Where can you incorporate these 3 steps into your business? On an ad, sales page, webinar, or discovery call?




After being lucky to get to know James, I will add 2 other things I think are crucial to his success:


1. People who hire him get great results.

Salesmanship alone will get you to the top for 3 months, but not 31. To succeed for that long (and be given over 250 5-star reviews), you must get your customers the results they're hoping for.

2. He genuinely cares about getting results for his customers.

Discover what lights the spark inside that gets you excited to help your customers, and your conversions will skyrocket. (James is a family man, he has a wife and 2 young daughters, I'm sure their happiness creates a pretty big spark for him).


If you're interested in seeing what James can do for your business, check out his profile on the Rolodex, read some of his reviews, and send him a message here.


Also, check out the webinar we did together a little while back here.





Would you like to know how to have an unlimited marketing budget?

At first glance, it may seem like an impossible goal, but it's easier to achieve than you would imagine. 

The key is to create a funnel that covers your ad cost (and more, if possible).


Again, I've made that sound easy, but as you're likely aware, rising ad costs have made this increasingly difficult. 

(According to reports, the average CPM of Facebook ads is now 3.5x higher than in 2016).


The trick is to create must-have upsells.

Upsells have high conversion rates because they capture your customer in their most engaged and excited phase.


So, how do you create a must-have upsell?


Step 1: Offer something your customers want (popular or solves a big problem)

Step 2: Incentivize it (offer a significant discount)

Step 3: Put a time limit on the offer 

(only while you're on this page)


Following these 3 steps will ensure your upsells convert well, your average order value rises, and you give yourself an unlimited marketing budget.




Justin Kelsey shared a 4 step system he found recently that has been, in his own words, "absolutely life-changing on the amount of work I've been able to accomplish on a weekly basis." Check this out:


"I've had so many friends and various connections from this group ask how I manage everything I'm working on, so figured I'd share with everyone:


Step 1: Setting Priorities


One of my best purchases this year was a giant 4x6' whiteboard for my office. 


Every Sunday, I start with fill out a list of my absolute must-complete priorities (i.e., objectives) for the week. Then, I apply XS, S, M, L to the amount of time it will take to complete.


Personally, I've found that 0.5, 1, 2, and 4 hours, respectively, is the best measure of time to actually be able to achieve a 

deep state of work.


Step 2: Mapping These Priorities To Time Blocks


If you're not familiar with the idea of "time blocking," it's essentially mapping your specific to-dos to set times of the day. (And as someone who's diagnosed ADD, it's changed my entire life.)


For me, I've found it best to draw out a 3x5 matrix with each weekday across the top, as well as three parts of the day along the side. I break it into morning, afternoon, and evening, with one-hour breaks between each.


The amount of time for each is up to you, though I've found that 4 hours allows me to get in the deepest state of work when needed for the "large" items.


From there, I put all of my priorities onto sticky notes and start to place them in open zones. If you're using an actual whiteboard, make sure your "zones" are big enough to fit 4-6 stickies, if needed.


When a zone reaches 4 hours it's then "closed."


Step 3: Blocking The Time In My Calendar


This is THE most important part of the entire process.


Using the original matrix as a guide, I'll then create new 'Events' for each priority in Google Calendar, marking them as "Busy" so that my team/clients aren't able to book meetings with me during that time.


There are paid apps (e.g., Planyway) that integrate with Trello and make this much easier, so I recommend looking into these for whatever platform you use.


Key point here: 

PROTECT YOUR CALENDAR or your priorities will never get completed. As your ventures/career starts to grow, your time will only get more and more precious. The sooner you're able to master this, the better off you'll be.

While it's a bit scary having this much of your calendar blocked off, you'll be amazed by how this actually makes booking client/team meeting even easier than before, as you'll know exactly what times you have truly free.


Step 4: Measure and Optimize


As we were taught in consulting, no system is worth trying unless you have a way to measure your progress.


At the end of each week, make sure you look back and reflect on what you were able to accomplish. Did a certain objective help you unlock more revenue than you were expecting? Double-down next week. Did an objective you've been trying to repeat do nothing for you yet again? Cut it out from next week.


That's all, folks. Now, go give it a try.

If properly and consistently implemented, the above system will result in life-changing impacts on whatever you're working towards. The entire process above only takes about an hour each week to do, yet cuts out countless hours of wasted productivity and unnecessary planning during the week."


What tools/systems have you found that have worked best for managing your priorities?


Anything you'd add or change for this system?




The funnel this week took next to no time to build (this is one of James') but converts over 60% of cold traffic! Check it out and think about adding one of these to your business:




“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” - Zig Ziglar


Always in your corner,



   SHE SAID YES!!! 💍🎉


P.S. Have you had huge success with a particular upsell? If so, I'd love to hear about it. Or, if you're thinking of including one but don't know what to offer, feel free to email me the info and we'll thrash it out.