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Rolodex Digest #17: How to write copy that sells, high-converting lead magnet ideas, and more

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

Rolodex Digest #17: How to write copy that sells, high-converting lead magnet ideas, and more

It's that time again! Here are 5 of the best sales and marketing tips I've come across this week...



What is it that genuinely convinces people to click your ads and buy your products or services? It's the copy, isn't it?


No matter what industry you're in, there are ugly and unremarkable funnels getting sales 24/7 with nothing but written or spoken words. 


Therefore, there must be a method, technique, or process to create copy that you can use to get the same results, right?


Given his previous tips went down a storm (see digest from 30th Sept), I asked Rolodex copywriting expert George P for some advanced tips on creating copy that sells, and he didn't disappoint:


⁕ Implement The 110% Rule

Most people who write their copy limit the amount of passion and enthusiasm they display because they want to be seen as professional. The problem is, what you think is 80%, actually comes across as 50% (i.e. boring). When writing copy or recording a video, push yourself to be at 110%, you will feel like you're doing too much, but your customer will receive it as 80% (i.e. exciting and professional), and your conversions will increase.


⁕ Inspire Immediate Action 

Typically, if your landing page has a 20% conversion rate, it's believed that 80% aren't interested. This is not true. Perhaps 20% aren't interested, but 60% are; they just decided they will come back to it later (as you and I know, later rarely comes). So, the actual job of your copy is to convince those who like it to take action now. You can do this by limiting availability, adding an exciting premium, setting a deadline, or making it easier to take action.


⁕ Make an admission of vulnerability

We all know many products are made to look easier and more effective than they truly are. Based on experience, visitors to your funnel will have 2 doubts: 1. Can you be trusted? 2. Will this work for me? Left unanswered, they will sabotage your conversion rate. The fastest way to satisfy both is to make an admission of vulnerability. If results require a certain amount of time, effort, or money, tell them (but position it as a benefit). Most entrepreneurs believe this will drive people away, but it won't, it will increase trust and loyalty.


Like anything else, becoming a great copywriter takes years of practice. If you'd like to add tantalizing copy to your ads and landing pages, please reach out to George now before he gets booked up. He has a detailed process that will ensure you get fantastic results.




Is your current lead magnet holding you back?


Finding customers is hard, but lead magnets give people a reason to accept you into their world. If your industry is saturated with ebooks and webinars, there is likely a different type of lead magnet that could open the floodgates.


Here are 5 ideas for inspiration:


  1. Provide personalised recommendations via a quiz:


  1. Offer valuable information via a calculator:


  1. Offer interesting/fun information via a questionnaire:


  1. Offer a selection of useful resources:


  1. Create a giveaway/contest:




This week's tip comes from Dan Kulkov...


"I've been doing marketing for four years and have learned a lot (particularly while building our bootstrap startup, MakerBox). 


One of the biggest things I've learned is that you can never have too much social proof.


People trust people. If someone with similar needs and interests as me has benefited from this product, I should check it out.


Do you already have testimonials? Great! Now, add case studies, user statistics, press mentions, product awards, reviews from opinion leaders, and interviews with a founder.


You can always add more social proof."




Research from Statista shows that by 2021, this week's funnel had built 213.6 million subscribers.


...They must be doing something right.


Not only is this an extremely high-converting funnel, but it is also hidden in plain site and serves as a reminder to have your funnel hacker glasses on at all times:

Funnel of the week




“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” — Seth Godin


Always in your corner,


Wish me luck - It's a big weekend!

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