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Rolodex Digest #16: Expert tips on writing your own book, marketing tips to increase conversions, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

Rolodex Digest #16: Expert tips on writing your own book, marketing tips to increase conversions, and more...

With just two newsletters remaining in this month's challenge, the competition is heating up! It's not too late to get yourself into the top 5. All you have to do is reply to these emails with your thoughts, answers, or advice. Each one is a point, and points mean prizes.

I searched out 5 golden nuggets for today's newsletter that I'm certain will get you hitting that reply button, so let's go...



Is there a book inside of you just waiting to come out? If so, these tips from book funnel expert Gary White will be invaluable to its success when it does:


"Many authors who attempt to create their own book funnel fail to get any real traction. Not because their book wasn’t well written or their sales page didn’t look pretty, but because they didn’t consider where the book lies in terms of the journey the reader is on.


Your book has the ability to change someone's life, but, more often than not, is used as a roadmap for the overarching journey towards the end result.


Therefore your real job is to: 

1. Identify what the end result or ‘desired outcome’ is for your target reader.2. Help guide them to achieve that desired outcome. The best way to uncover what they need is to ask yourself, "If someone wants to implement what I talk about in the book, what roadblocks are they going to encounter and what resources (courses, seminars, coaching) can I create to help them overcome them?"


Your answers become your upsells and create what I like to call “The Success Path”.

Structure your book funnel this way, and your readers will think you’re reading their minds. They will naturally ascend from investing a few dollars in a book to hundreds for training or even thousands for coaching (remember, some want the cheaper option, but others want to pay for the fast track)." If you'd like Gary's help creating a book funnel, feel free to message him today.




The marketing tip this week comes courtesy of marketing expert Harry Dry. His Twitter account reached 100,000 followers recently, so he wanted to share 4 tips folks found most useful from the last two years:


  1. Sell outcomes, not features


  1. Don't think about 'capturing emails', think 'creating something worth subscribing to'


  1. Simple CTA trick: Add a few words to your button to handle the user's biggest objection to clicking


  1. Make your marketing REALER. Same title. Same painting. Same subreddit. One gets 300 votes. The other gets 70,000.




Don Bassler, the owner of digital marketing agency Sticky Brain, gave me a great piece of advice recently that is very easy to implement and provides a lot of value to your customers...

Don said, "anytime you have a strategy session, onboarding call, even a webinar, be sure to record the session and deliver the recording to the client so they can watch back, pause, replay, etc.


We never take in 100% of the information presented to us because our minds are often busy fitting the information received to our own situation. 


By sending the attendee a replay, you not only allow them time to digest the information and gain even more value from the information you presented, but you also make them feel valued. This naturally elevates your status in their mind, and it takes next to no time to do."




I have TWO funnels for you this week!


Both are selling the same type of product but come at it from very different angles. 


If you notice yourself thinking, 'I much prefer this over that,' perhaps your ideal customers will too.


So, which gets your vote? *Let me know:


or B.


*If you want me to connect you with someone who can build either funnel for you, reply to this email and I'll make it happen.




“I want to do business with a company that treats emailing me as a privilege, not a transaction.” — Andrea Mignolo


Always in your corner,


Any fiddle leaf fans here?

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