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Rolodex Digest #14:How to persuade customers to buy from you

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

Rolodex Digest #14:How to persuade customers to buy from you

The tips this week will all improve your click-through and conversion rates noticeably. But only if you take the time to think about and implement them!


So, I have a challenge for you:

Read through the tips below, and if just one feels valuable to you, I want you to take 5 minutes, think about it for your business and reply to me with the answer. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be answered (I'll explain why next week). Sound fair? Let's go: 

EXPERT TIP: Part 1/3

Why should I (your potential customer) choose to do business with you vs every other option available?

Most businesses have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that doesn't answer that question at all. The keyword is UNIQUE. 

Imagine I am in the market for whatever you sell... If there is no positive differentiation between you and every other business offering the same thing, the likelihood is I'll only purchase from you if you're the cheapest (and no one else is differentiating themselves). And that is a dangerous game to play. So, let me know, why should I (your ideal customer) do business with you? What can/do you offer that is UNIQUE, that no one else in the industry can say?

Are you the bestselling? Do you have a special patent? Do you have experience with big names I'd know? Have you been in business, getting results, for 100 years? Are you a family business? Are you based in my hometown? Do you have a special technique or system? Answer this question, include it in your marketing, and results will come your way. But remember, the USP should be something I (your ideal customer) consider valuable. 

EXPERT TIP: Part 2/3

So, you're unique but is your offer irresistible?

If you've been to one of his webinars, you'll know funnel expert James Hughes (over 250 5-star reviews, worked with everyone from business newbies to major brands like Audi, gets results using his unique funnel strategy) talks about creating a Godfather offer; an offer they can't refuse.


As I, your ideal customer, look at your offer, am I saying, 'Holy cow, I need to purchase this NOW!' or am I more, 'This looks interesting, maybe I'll come back to it later.'?

Remember the football phone from last week's digest email... It had nothing to do with the magazine, people wanted that phone so bad they had to have it before it sold out. What are you going to offer me to get me over the line? Will you send my girlfriend a stunning bouquet of roses on Valentine's day? Will you also send me a surprise birthday present? (My birthday is on Valentine's day.) Will I get a cool coffee mug? An Amazon gift voucher? Some swag? How about a free one-on-one call with you? An early bird discount?  What can you offer that I want, that excites me, that makes my life easier, that makes me feel I'm getting a great deal?  

EXPERT TIP: Part 3/3

You're unique, your offer is outstanding, and I have my credit card in hand, ready to buy!


...But there's one last nagging doubt. The oldest of all human driving factors:


Am I safe?


This could be a scam for all I know!


Those roses are never arriving, are they...


So, before I make the purchase, there is one final thing I must know:

What is your Unique Safety Proposition?


What guarantee do you offer? What testimonials of previous purchases do you have? Are those testimonials real? How long have you been in business? Is there a physical location I can visit? Where's the social proof? Who am I calling if there's a problem? Does this site look a little sketchy? What payment gateway are you using?


Of these 3 tips, which are you doing a great job of and which are you falling short on? Send me your answers, and I'll tell you if they do anything for me. 


Funnel and copy expert George P (over 120 5-star reviews, and a rare talent because he has a very good eye for design and is also a fantastic copywriter) sent me this high-converting funnel below. It's been created by him from top to bottom.


I think it hits the 3 points in this email pretty well. It has a USP (although it could be more obvious), the design is very clean and well done, there are evident testimonials, the offer is excellent, there is a big guarantee, and I can use PayPal.


What is your opinion on this page?



5. Food for thought:

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than doubling your traffic.” — Bryan Eisenberg


Have a great weekend,



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