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Rolodex Digest #13: How to write hypnotic copy, convert 85% of cold traffic, and more...

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

Rolodex Digest #13: How to write hypnotic copy, convert 85% of cold traffic, and more...

Here are 5 more tips you need to know:



Have you ever wondered what the secret to hypnotic copy is?


Copywriting and funnel building expert George P told me recently one of the fastest ways to create scintillating, must-read copy is to add a story. 

But not just any story...


Typically, a high number of people lose interest before the end of your email, video, or blog post. 

Therefore, your conversions suffer. But, this formula from South Park writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone will keep them glued till the end.


It's called 'The but... therefore... rule.'


Most stories go something like, 'this happened, and this happened, and then this happened.' This may reflect what happened, but it's very boring for the reader.


Change your stories to... 'this happened, THEREFORE this happened, BUT this happened, THEREFORE this happened!' 


And suddenly, you've created tension and unpredictable open loops. Therefore your reader/viewer consumes to the end because they are subconsciously driven to close the loops. But, rather than feel stressed and overwhelmed, they perceive it as a fantastic story. Therefore, their affection for you grows.


Here's a video for more context: 

The video

Here's George's profile if you want him to implement this for you: 

George's profile




If your opt-in page started converting 85% of cold traffic, what kind of a difference would that make to your business?


Hack the funnel below, and let's find out (pay special attention to the perceived value of the item on offer):


This comes from the vault of our very own Mike Harris. He can help you implement something as successful. If you're interested, 

send Mike a message.




Would you like to tap into creative ideas for your business and gain a ton of stress-reducing, motivation-increasing clarity in the process?


If so, GianLuca Masciangelo says you need to start exploiting the power of a pencil and paper:


'While working as a freelance Art Director and Designer in large advertising agencies in Rome and London, I learned from the masters of great creative ads of the 70s and 80s that you should always sketch your idea fully on paper first.

It was game-changing.


I used to jump in and create things straight away. However, I realized that if you get everything on paper first, you'll actually save so much time, and you'll also be able to deliver the best imaginative and effective solution.


Here is an example, I am studying a solution for some companies that want to sell their physical products online more effectively than with classic Ecommerce systems:


If you want to have a better overview of any process, I suggest starting on paper because you'll be able to visualize every step and see right away if the path is the right one.

Hope you find it helpful.

Best, Gian'



What would you say is the most underutilized method for increasing conversions? 


Digital Marketer's Perry Belcher would tell you it's including a premium in your offer.


At FHL, Perry (a fantastic marketer) told the story of how the magazine 'Sports Illustrated' was on the verge of bankruptcy. They couldn't sell magazine subscriptions for love nor money...


One day, while wandering around New York, marketing manager Martin Shampaine came up with the idea of giving away a football phone with every subscription. This one premium changed everything.


Between 1986 and 1991, the magazine sold around 1.6 million new subscriptions, saving the company and putting the football phone on the map.


What premium could you include in your offer?



5. Food for thought:

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” — Simon Sinek


Have a great weekend,


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P.S. if you get that copy formula right, it is very powerful. I learnt this the day I was one click away from buying 4 bottles of arthritis medicine even though neither I nor anyone I knew had arthritis.


P.P.S Thank you to everyone who keeps sending me their tips and tricks. Keep them coming team, I love reading them!