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Newsletter #1: Getting Sales, Nailing Your Messaging, and Enjoying the Holidays

Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

Newsletter #1: Getting Sales, Nailing Your Messaging, and Enjoying the Holidays

The past few months have been hectic for the entire Funnel Rolodex team. 


We’ve had to go through a series of brainstorming sessions to discover more ways to provide the Funnel Rolodex community with a richer user experience, more quality service, and valuable content.


Thankfully, we're progressing and we'll be rolling out a lot of new stuff in the coming weeks and months.


For now, I’m pleased to inform you that we’ve just rolled out the Funnel Rolodex Newsletter. 




So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the first edition of the newsletter.




The holiday season creates an opportunity for savvy business owners to generate end-of-the-year sales. Here’s proof:

Despite the pandemic, the figure above shows a spike in last year’s holiday sales in the United States.


It doesn’t matter if your funnel didn’t generate as many sales as you desired during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 


Take advantage of the few key dates remaining in 2021. Or, put simply, plan towards Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


Here are some ideas for generating sales this period:

  1. Offer special bonuses
  2. Do a mini product launch (via an email series)
  3. Offer time-sensitive discounts
  4. Take early bird registrations for your upcoming course or mentorship program

There are still opportunities to drive more sales before the year ends. However, be sure to pay close attention to your messaging to obtain favorable results.


Ensure that your marketing copy circles around your target buyer’s dream for the new year. For example, you could compel people to:

  1. Buy your discounted weight loss program so they’d finally hit their fitness goal in the new year. Or, say…
  2. Grab 50% off the regular price of your skin care product to get spotless, well-toned skin in 47 days (or before Valentine’s Day).

Messaging is key. However, you need not stress over this. There are dozens of copywriters in the FR marketplace who can help you out with this.


Are you a freelance expert selling your services on the marketplace? Seize this holiday season to make some extra bucks too. 


Need ideas? Try these three:

  1. Reach out to your previous clients and find out if they need more work this period.
  2. Ask around to see if your friends need a freelancer to help meet certain needs.
  3. Check relevant social media groups frequently to spot opportunities where you could throw in a pitch.



It's the holiday season, so I’ve gathered a handful of interesting content that I believe you’d find useful this period. Check them out below:

  1. How To Stay Healthy Over The Holidays
  2. 10 Ways To Save Money During The Holidays
  3. 50 Christmas Activities to Fill Your Holiday With Festive Fun
  4. How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions [w/ James Clear]



James Hughes is a top-rated funnel strategist on Funnel Rolodex. He works with Funnel Hackers, equipping them with all the information needed to build a high-converting sales funnel—from steps for developing their marketing strategy to infallible strategies for multiplying their income.

You can check out Hughes’ services here.




The holidays won’t last forever. So, seize the opportunity to catch up with friends, hang out with your family, and do other fun activities you’ve always desired to do.


Did you enjoy this first edition of the FR Newsletter? 


Keep an eye on your inbox.


We’ll be dishing out some more amazing stuff in subsequent editions.


That’ll be all for now.


Keep spreading love and happiness, and have a lovely holiday!


Until next time,


Favour A.

Head of Content