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Amazing T-Shirt Print or Branding Designs for Your Funnel




Graphic Design

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Amazing T-shirt / Cap / Product Branding Designs for you Funnel, FREE GIFT Lead Page, Sales Page or Websites

What you get from this gig:

  • 3D Mockup of T-shirt/Cap/Product with branding on
  • Branding Design for Product (does not include logos)
  • High Res PDF file for the branding of the product - to be used in printing

PLEASE NOTE - this does not include a logo design that goes onto the product, only the design around it and the 3D Mockup. If you want a logo extra, please choose the "Design Logo" as extra option below.



Tanya does great work and communicates well to ensure what is needed for the design. She is steadfast and stick with a project to the end. I look forward to working with her again.


On 11 Nov 2019



5 Days Delivery

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Tanya Wolfaardt


Member since December 2018