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Sales Funnel & Value Ladder Strategy Call - ($197 Value)


Struggling with setting up your funnel?

Encountering unexpected issues?

Feeling overwhelmed or unsure how to maximize your funnel's potential?

Hi, I'm Malia Burcham, a ClickFunnels Certified Funnel Builder!

I specialize in helping businesses grow by crafting efficient funnels. I can't wait to meet you, understand your objectives, and support you in achieving your goals!

Unlock Your Funnel's Potential: Strategy Session with a ClickFunnels-Certified Funnel Builder

Are you ready to elevate your online business but unsure how to optimize your sales funnel? Let our ClickFunnels-certified Funnel Builder guide you to success with a personalized Strategy Session!

In this 60-minute session, you'll receive:

  1. Expert analysis of your current funnel or guidance in creating a new one
  2. Actionable insights to boost conversions and drive sales
  3. Tailored advice on funnel design, targeting, and marketing strategies
  4. Recommendations for leveraging ClickFunnels features to maximize results

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from a seasoned professional and transform your online business. Book your Strategy Session now and start experiencing the power of a high-converting funnel!

Book A Strategy Call With Me Today For Only $20 & We Will Achieve The Following...

  1. Get a clear vision of your overall business strategy by planning and optimizing a Value Ladder
  2. Gain an understanding of which goals to work on next and a plan to conquer them
  3. Discover which funnel to start with and your next steps for making it successful

CLAIM YOUR SPOT NOW FOR ONLY $20! (Special price ONLY found here on the marketplace!)

A Reminder Of Everything You Get In This 60-Minute Zoom Call...

- Value Ladder Planning

- Goal Setting

- Funnel Planning

- Your Next Funnel Strategy

All Of This For Just $197 $20!

*Special price ONLY for FHL!

Book a call with me today! I'd love to get to know you and see how I can benefit you and your business.



Have you ever signed up for a low ticket strategy call and then felt like you were simply locked in a never-ending sales pitch with no actionable advice? Well, I have, too…and it's a drag! But that is not AT ALL what you get with Malia. I skeptically booked this strategy call (thinking there was no way I could get real value from a real funnel expert at this rate.) But then Malia jumped on the call, and spent far more time than I expected actually reviewing my funnel, discussing strategy, offering real action items that could be accomplished to repair, polish and dramatically increase the functionality of my sales funnels. This was not double, triple or even 10X value. It was more like 100X value for what was charged. Seriously. If you are confused, dismayed are just moderately frustrated with under-performing funnels, AND you are looking for a true funnel expert who can bring a variety of different skills to help you fix your funnel, you should definitely book this service NOW. Malia is well worth her rates. 


On 16 Dec 2022

Wow, what a boost to my funnel-building day. Meeting and strategizing with Malia was a wonderful experience. I've been working with Click Funnels 2.0 for a few weeks now and I had lots of questions. She not only helped me with my little problem areas but also went the extra mile to give me pointers on the different funnels to market my Learning to Read program. Also, how to run ads to market my products, which has always been a bit of a mystery to me. She gave me first-hand information plus a visual walkthrough which was gold.

Thanks so much for sharing your skills and talents with me.

H Le Spencer

H Le

On 12 Dec 2022

What Malia did well..Hmmm! She's Over-Delivered on the 'Russel Brunson' level! Wow!

Malia is very easy to work with. She is knowledgable, authentic, organised and patient! Her friendly approach will make you feel welcomed from the get go! She's clarified certain aspects of the funnel - I was having in my mind - and explained the funnel strategy to the point of me having a BIG 'AHA' moment! And all that in only 45 min call! Thank you Malia! You are a life saviour!


On 05 Nov 2022



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Strategy Session

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Due to the extremely low price for this strategy call... no refunds will be accepted.

Malia Burcham


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